Omg I deleted my rogue and I wanna download it again but I can’t why…

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@CentraBPM lol … :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: Why i cant for god shake…

With 1.6 being released you are now only able to download your data, if your version on the server is newer than the version on your device. To ‘prevent’ the DL/UL exploit. If 1.6 is on your device and the data on the server is also version 1.6, you can’t download it.
One solution would be to go to app settings of your device (unless you have an IPhone) and clear data + cache. Then log in with your DQ account and download your data from the server.
If you have an IPhone, I’m not quite sure, but then you have to delete the app and download DQ again and then log in etc.

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Well I have my rogue from the 1.6 version as you said and I wanna download it again and it won’t let me why:(

Main Account: BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level 85


Main Account: BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level 85

Yess looks like my tablet crushed so I delete the game and download it again and it download everything ok Ty for help

Main Account: BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level 85

To follow up on Centra’s post: yup he is correct. If the device you are playing on has data the has more progress made than the data on the server then all you can do is upload.

We did this for one huge reason: bandwidth

We have to pay to maintain the server and the more and more players we get drives our server costs higher, and this is a great thing…more users :smile:

The problem comes in when tens of thousands of people start hitting our servers every minute downloading and uploading.

This causes our servers to slow way down and results in “please check your connection” errors on download or upload.

We cannot afford to host servers that could load balance those huge spikes in traffic. So instead of leaving our system as it was, with the potential to get as bad as it walls a few months ago, we added this system. While not as robust as the previous way it is much safer from the perspective of uploading and downloading data.