DPS comparison

[attachment=0]compare.jpg[/attachment]This one has me baffled.

How can a weapon with 8901 DPS show to have 7.2% less DPS than one with 6898 DPS. I thought perhaps the element was the cause, but added an element to the one on the right and it still shows the same numbers. Even taking the 6898 and adding in the 24.1% weapon DMG, it’s still at 8560. I’m simply not understanding how these are calculated. Help please.

Attack speed and talents also affect your DPS. In this case, I think both.


Here are the extended properties of each.

You would also be losing 2 ranks of each skill and 1 to each set you’re wearing. DPS is a cumulative figure, not just your base weapon damage.

Let me make sure I understand what you’re saying. That “comparison” says that “if you replace weapon A with weapon B, your character’s complete stats will change by the numbers below” vs “weapon A vs weapon B” in a vacuum?

Along those same lines (and something I’ve been trying to wrap my head around), the DPS number of a weapon, by itself, is therefore meaningless?

Also, please forgive my stupidity, but I read something last night that has been echoing in my mind all night. Zierham seems to have indicated in Theorycraft, or How to Destroy the [Game] World (at least how I read it), that all similar weapons are actually the same base weapon.

So, if I pick up two Legend axes, stripped them off all talents, affixes, etc, and were on the same iLVL and same quality%, that they are identical? So, essentially, with unlimited crystals, I can “make” anything I find in the game? Therefore, I could run around the game and pick up every legend item, but I will never find anything better than what I can make right now (again, assuming unlimited crystals for adding this affix, that affix, this nature, and rerolling status to perfect)?

Yes, your affixes, quality, and nature are all the unique qualities of a weapon. DPS calculation on the weapon is a shorthand of what that weapon’s damage range is multiplied by it’s attack speed, with some other easy to calculate modifiers included. The comparison window shows what your overall damage difference would be if you had equipped it.

For now yes, you can make anything, but there will be Legend+ affixes that won’t be available through crystal enchanting later.

Assuming unlimited crystals, yes. But also assuming infinite luck you’d have everything too :smile: To assuage any potential concern that there won’t be anything exciting to look forward to - fear not! We’re about to announce a new something that might be of interest to you guys.

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t complaining, it was simiply an “a-ha” moment. I really thought that 9 different legend axes were unique and that one was inherently better than the next, and obviously, with different affixes and such, they are different, but in the end, the “bare metal” of each is identical. I just hadn’t anticipated that.

Hope deviant and maelstorm items are going in to the game somewhere next patch…

Those should be coming after patch 1.8 and before patch 1.9.

Those should be coming after patch 1.8 and before patch 1.9.[/quote]

Ok nice!! :smile:
Something to look forward to. Thanks!!

Hi… Base on my understanding. Spell sword affix gives a total percent damage depending on your dodge… Thats my answer… :smile: