Dps meter

I’ve noticed that the dps metrics on the stat page varies…like when i just walk around without doing anything the min/max dmg and dps indicators for various skills often change in value. I’m not doing anything nor do i have any boosts…what gives? i would love to have an accurate dps meter in the game…perhaps in the next patch or in dungeon quest 2?:grin:

Some things doesn’t calculate toward the DPS meter.For example if you’re using Adventurer set and you don’t have the indicator for gold collected showing your damage in your stat page will be different from the stat page damage if you have the gold collected indicator showing.

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although not all of them, most things that are constant will show in the Stat Page. things that are dependent on something else to activate wont show until their conditions are met.

lets look at Defiant. it gives a +25% to DMG & Damage Reduction. this shows in your DPS all the time. it also gives a +5% DMG & Damage Reduction per Rank of your current missing HP%. this only shows in your DPS when your HP is lower than 100%, and can go up or down as your HP goes up or down.