DPS on weapon

I ask my friend on how to increase my DPS and should I put % increase in ED to maximize my +5000ED. Since I’m a wizard I want to maximize all of my ED + ascendent, prismatic and clear cast.

Then he sent me this and tell me to put all other affixes to other items parts.

But why do almost all PvP set that are posted have +ED on their weapons?

Can anyone tell me why?

The damage is the same though

in Battle Arena, Items are level 20. that means that affix values on Items in Battle Arena will be for level 20 Items. I believe all affixes are around 20.8% of what their value is on Items in Campaign Mode.

when you do the math for BWD & DPS for a level 20 Weapon and Weapon Skills, having +100% & +200% Weapon Damage will give you less damage than you get using +5000 Weapon Damage and one to seven +5000 Elemental Damage.

here is an example using Chakram for PVP.

using 24 Power with +41.6% WD (Legend) and 5x +20.8% ED (Legend).
((60)(1+20/4)(max (1, 20/20)))(BWD) + 1800 (Power) =
(60)(1+5)(max (1, 1)) +1800 =
(60)(6)(1) +1800 =
360 +1800 =
= 2160.

(2160 x 1.416) x 2.04 =
3058.56 x 2.04 =
with Item Quality is: 7799.328.

using no Power, +1040 WD (Epic) and 7x +1040 ED (Epic).
((60)(1+20/4)(max(1, 20/20))) + 1040 + (7 x 1040) =
(60)(1+5)(max(1, 1)) + 1040 + 7280 =
(60)(6)(1) + 1040 + 7280 =
360 + 1040 + 7280 =
with Item Quality: 8770

most PVP Players put Stat Points into MP or HP, so the Chakram with WD% & ED% would do even less damage than the Chakram with WD+ & ED+.

when figuring out your damage it goes:
Base Weapon Damage + Power Damage. multiply by Item Quality and Weapon Damage %. Add Weapon Damage +. multiply by Elemental Damage %. Add Elemental Damage + last.

on top of that, in Battle Arena, your final damage is reduced by 95% (it looks like damage from a level 20 Item is about 95% of a level 100 Item). for every round that is a Draw, damage for both sides goes up 25% for the next round.

there are some posts on what the affix values are for PVP, but I don’t think I bookmarked any of them.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for your explanation bro. I appreciate it.
But sorry I don’t understand any of those equation.

Can you just explain it in a way an airhead like me can understand :v::joy::rofl:

@praybit if you looking for Arena build,you need some rare legend affix that you cant found with ruby for example Push The Limit,Balance etc,bcoz topaz affixes its not enough for arena

Cakram is full power MH (rouge) its no need Multi/extra atk , if you wanna gain your cakram put ASPD 45% (cyan)+flat ED+&WD+mythstone Elixer(All skill) work well with fury system for spesial skill , now what the set u need to fill it,Defian,Mercy etc
If you looking for Pvp use Ragnarok Cakram

But its depends to you
I’ve rouge bleedster with cakram

Its work

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Right now, what I need is for climbing floors.
I somewhat understand a little about what @Golem want to say.
To put it simply, the item is rounded to level 20.
So 20% of the max affix options will be used. The bigger and higher the affix the more useful it is in arena.

Now, the question is does increasing the DPS will be helpful in climbing floors? I’m wiz with using barrage attack speed with wiz skill procs elemental

WD% and ED% get lowered so much in PVP that WD+ & ED+ end up doing more damage. you could use both, but that would take up space you would need for other affixes for more damage boosting, spike damage (crit chance & crit damage for example), or defense.

higher affix values are better in PVP, but it’s not too hard to get maximum affix values.

DPS is always helpful in climbing floors. but there is a lot of DPS that doesn’t show up on the Stat Page for the Skills being used.

DPS is a combination of Damage and how fast you cast your Spells. and for some Skills, how high their Attack Frequency is.

lets pretend your Wand/Barrage does 1000 damage and is Barrage Skill 40 (+200% damage and +100% to APS) with +60% Attack Speed, Angelic Set (5)(+25% to damage and APS), and Skilled Mythic (+50% damage).

that’s 5625 damage with 10 APS.
that’s 56,250 DPS.

monster health goes up with each floor, so increasing DPS helps a lot.
+200% WD (Legend) on Wand.
+100% ED (Legend). two of these are good, more is better, up to +500% ED.
at least 40 points into Power Stat.
+4 Multi Attack.
Skilled Mythic on Chest.
40 points into Barrage Skill.
20 points into Amplify Talent. +40% damage for each Element DoT on enemy. (this works great with Prismatic Talent).
+60% Attack Speed.
Angelic Set (5).
+400% Explosive (Legend). this is to give your Barrage some AoE.
1 Zenith Myth Stone on Chest or Head. this will give your Barrage bolts a 50% chance to hit far enemies behind closer enemies.
+100% Glasscannon (Legend). at higher floors, enemies can kill you with one hit. since you don’t need more than 1 HP, use this to get +100% damage!
(Crushing Blow is a good way to reduce an enemies HP fast. Demonic Set is helpful when enemy HP gets down to 25%).
+20 or +40 Timewarp Skill on OH with…
Cosmic Power (5) Set. this will boost the damage of Barrage a lot.
Optional: Draught Mythic on Ring. when you use your MP Potion, it increases your APS and Move Speed by +50% for 5 seconds (it has a 5 second cool down). if your APS is 10 like it is in the above example, your APS is 15 for 5 seconds. usually, I use this when against bosses or large mobs of monsters. this is even more DPS!

after all of that, you get to decide on which Element(s) you want to use, and if you want to use Crit Chance with Crit Damage. and lots of other ways to do more damage faster.

@ELYSEUM Attack Speed doesn’t work with Chakram (Boomerang or Whirling Blades). use Cool Down instead.