[DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3


If I were still using this I’d go Critical dmg to replace the amulet cyan affix, get rid of Rage, and invest in Epiphany bonus.

That’s true. Do note that this is a DQ 2.0 build when the elemental crit chance is not 30%. These days, just one elemental crit will suffice.


alright thanks. im looking forward to finishing this build with a couple of changes.


Any tips or threads with info on this idea??
I’ve had a look but can’t find anything. I don’t understand how you would increase trap DMG significantly too aid this build?


Is this build still relevant and if so, where does the +10 come from?


I modeled my 1st rogue from it and she still works well.


I’m new to the game, I’m gonna try this :slight_smile: not really new, I played it before but it was boring for me, and now I have been attracted to RPG games and I’ve finished Zenonia and Inotia is middle part rn. Wish me luck btw nice build, I’ll try it :slight_smile:


Good Luck!


I have a question, what skills do I max?


Será que ainda serve na atualização 3.0?


It can still work very nicely and be good for 3.0 even with some improvements.


Wondering if this build is still decent on current update!?


yeah!!! still decent on the current update… but need to change other affixes…


can’t wait


Still very capable , just change a few things and it will do better. like more sets, potential weaken, barbarian, glasscannon, push the limits, and many more.
looks like it can be even more powerful. only thing different is guidedshot range is shorter. multi Attack, Extra attack and hero points will be a powerful combo too and some epic 10+ guidedshors since its not +5 like it was back then. Also 200% WD, more blight, more 100% ED, Epiphany set, Angelic, demonic, ascendant potentially, etc. there are tons of ways the build can be remade for today dloor climb.

it could even be different element but then it wouldnt be called blightbog anymore lol.


Yah poison is great but not that good compared to fire element these days, I mean with crushing flames. Its really great in clearing small mobs but not that great for epic monsters above.


you are right @Kirby1