[DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3


If I were still using this I’d go Critical dmg to replace the amulet cyan affix, get rid of Rage, and invest in Epiphany bonus.

That’s true. Do note that this is a DQ 2.0 build when the elemental crit chance is not 30%. These days, just one elemental crit will suffice.


alright thanks. im looking forward to finishing this build with a couple of changes.


Any tips or threads with info on this idea??
I’ve had a look but can’t find anything. I don’t understand how you would increase trap DMG significantly too aid this build?


Is this build still relevant and if so, where does the +10 come from?


I modeled my 1st rogue from it and she still works well.


I’m new to the game, I’m gonna try this :slight_smile: not really new, I played it before but it was boring for me, and now I have been attracted to RPG games and I’ve finished Zenonia and Inotia is middle part rn. Wish me luck btw nice build, I’ll try it :slight_smile:


Good Luck!


I have a question, what skills do I max?


Será que ainda serve na atualização 3.0?


It can still work very nicely and be good for 3.0 even with some improvements.