[DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3


Deadeye is redundant and your DPS will significantly drop. That’s what’ll happen to this build.

Maybe it’s better to see for yourself for build experience :relaxed:


I know I’m coming into the conversation late, but I’m just trying to piece it together correctly… Your original post pic has ~10% Ele Crit on your Energy Cap and your Rozenzi, so your update replaced one of those with one 30% Ele Crit (Ruby)? And I assume the saved affix slot went to one of the 5000+ ele dmg you mentioned, so where did you make room for the other x2?

Thanks in advance.


Move Speed and Explosive, but it was back then.

There are core skills/affixes like Ambush etc. but I encourage players to NOT build this 1:1, as they may build something greater than what is posted. Or not. But the fun lies in the accidental mess that is an OP build :joy:


What’s your DMG range on this @ocenyx? The one you can see in your stat tab.


Around 300k. Trap damage says 70M DPS. Not like it matters in real use anyway, since Skilled/Energy/Etc. aren’t even included in the computation :smirk:

Since I’m currently cooking the luxury version of this build with two eternals, those numbers will easily double or triple.


What pet did you use sir?


I deleted Plagued from gear since I have Stitch.

Just use whatever you have in a way that will save affix slots on gear.


Fast kill, fast to clear map, fast gold! ty @ocenyx! :smiley:


This helps even a new player lvl 26
gave me idea’s on what to keep and sell

as for Crystaling what items and how I’m sure a lot of try is in the late build


Quick look at your image you look like a TMNT


Sir what talent in helm armor ring and amulet ?


I’ll redirect you to post number two where all details of the build are posted, including talents. Come on, come on, scroll down a little bit.


Can i used another ring sir ?


Hi sir .here’s your blightbog saboteur :grinning: it is ok sir or any update of your build ?


Since there are lots of improvement for traps (Killswitch specifically), it’s easier to increase damage on ambush traps instead of the bow itself.


Well done on the build, just got a couple of questions about the build… First, is there any reason you aren’t running set bonuses on the chest/helm? Second is a follow up, would it not be better to run the Aethereal Drain set bonus for elemental crit proc?


What’s the reason for using Energy vice Discordance on this set? That 1050% multiplier should be phenomenal, right?


I don’t think Discordance swaps the damage multipliers anymore in patch 2.1 – I think it just swaps the mana cost and cooldown of the skills.

But even back on patch 2.0, I don’t think Discordance was used because then GuidedShot would have a cooldown (from MultiShot) which means you can’t spam arrows. Part of the beauty of this build (IMHO) is the rapid fire and massive proliferation of poison clouds.


Ohhh. Okay, I understand now… that does make sense. Thanks for that little tidbit of knowledge.


I got 2 questions:

  • List item

You mentioned that the 75% crystal on amulet was just an equip you had lying around since the replacement one will be costly. what do you have in mind for the other amulet.

  • List item

why not max deadly strike and use brutal instead of skilled?

I’m really looking forward to this build for higher floors. I have some trouble past 450 on mythic. specially vs legends or mythic bosses

PS: isn’t elemental crit x2 a bit overkill? with the amount of arrows you got flying around i think this would proc quite often with just one