[DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3


Looking for some critics for my build.

Glasscannon - would 1 suffice? or should i just drop it all together?
Cosmic Power - for the TW procs incorporated on this build
Explosive - again 1, good or drop?
Timewarp proc - 2, 50%
High Voltage - 3 is this enough?
Elemental Crit - 2 or should I just replace this with Paralysis altogether (Paralysis means stun right?)
WD%/+ - on OH for TW
Electrified - I’m planning to put this but, what does this literally do?

Practically, I copied some of the items here in this build. I’m not that fond of the poison element. The reason why I’ll be using shock here.

I currently use my Tink(druidic) for farming purposes, but once I get my Spike(Momentum), I’ll be ditching the momentum from the MH. Any good replacement for that?

So far, I only have the Vacuus. Still missing the Nadroji Robe. Also can I have some suggestions on the base items that indicates (Any).

All suggestions and recommendations will be much appreciated.


your talent.? i cant judge by just at the item affix.


Delete explosive. Also, since your changes do not add any form of DoT, it’s much better to delete elem crit and replace with Stagger and cyan Deadly Strike.

Then later you may want to change to Ice, have one Elem Crit back, and have two of both High Voltage and Frostbiting. Easy 8x damage… mostly. Frozen set too. High APS builds such as these suffer when Elem Crit activates one after another, so slay everything within four seconds :grin:

It’s a potentially good derivative if I say so myself. I’m trying such things with a gun at the moment.


Ambush / Razored / Deadeye - I need suggestions on this one.

I don’t get what you said with regards to High Voltage affected by the Ice element, would you mind elaborating?

I also started crafting my set pieces, so far I got:

Crit DMG
WD% (legend)
High Voltage
TW Proc

Crushing Blow
ED+ (to be changed to WD+ ran out of sapphires)

Momentum (gonna change to Rage, quartz’ed the Rozenzi ring after getting weaken for crystal affix)
Attk spd
Multi attk
TW Proc (I decided to put 4 in replacement with the elem crit)
Elemental Crit (to be changed to ignore resist)

Sanctuary (I decided to change it to this since I’m taking out the elem crit on this build)
Sets + 4
Multi attk
Equality (to be changed to cosmic power)

Anyway, just to clarify things, since I’m taking out elem crits affixes, what is the source of the paralyze status now?


@ocenyx @cronos4321 still waiting for your replies.


i will give my review when i got some lil time to think. and btw ocenyx plan on buffibg your is already enough tho. still, i will give my review lol.


If you cause an elemental ice crit, the target is frozen, so it takes more damage (as frozen targets take more damage, that is the effect of frozen.)


Actually, I know the effect of frozen. I was just asking if freezing an enemy counts as being paralyzed. Coz ocenyx said to retain 2 high volt and 2 frostbiting.


Freezing doesn’t count as paralyzed but I think ocenyx was going with stagger talent for the stuns that affect high voltage.


Um i thought only at floor 200 i can only select at 200 um bug?


@ocenyx this build viable without that V Scorpio bow? Maybe using Elemental bow instead? I’m still messing with a Pistol build had a guide for


Could you show us the special skill of ur MH and OH?


Twister for MH. Stealth for OH. You can clarify with the video :smile:


Thank you!


Could you give me some suggestion on warrior and wizard build?


Whay affix do u prefer on this Munty?


Is this video speeded up ? (timelapse or what… )
I see your move so fast, i see you just have around 30% move speed :3


Adventurer set gives bonus MS when you get gold.


I’m back after a very long personal break… glad to see that this spawned lots of derivative builds both known and unknown. I hope this build helped everyone to strive for the 1000’s! (though reward wise it’s not much of an achievement lol!)

That’s adventurer from the necklace whenever I pick up gold, which is, like, always.


Welcome back Ocenyx :wink: