[DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3


Now i can make a low budget blightbog saboteur :3
Well ill just lose like 150% damage and one +2set numbers :'3
Alot damage right…


Yes you can :grin:

Just remember that Elemental Critical, Plagued and 3x Blight are the core affixes of this build. Good luck!


It’s will low damage if i lose 150% damage and 2 set number
because i use Epic affixes for cange the Legends %ED and %WD. the max just 50% :'u


I want to change Posion Damage in Skilled leather
So which should i choose
Blight or Epic affixes Poison damage?


Blight is core, so…

If you have Plagued right now you should add Blight.


Omg dude
I got 600000B damage in floor 3630

Wtf so good this build, but die easily… im so happy now i can reach higher floooor !!!


…ehhhh for real.


Look at right side Wowowowowowowoowo
Fooor 3629 Mythics 3


So this is when u introduce your self. you make that thread 11Days ago. and now u are at floor 3k++, i dont like accuse but i always get suspect player when they can be extremely fast. I see u asking alot question whichis alot common/generally and not like game mechanism. so basicly u are still on average on term of experience and knowledge yet u are in 3k++ floor. I cant say that if u are extremely lucky for all kind crystal/mythicstone drop frequently so u dont have any problem when it come to crafting. and im sorry if it offense to u, but yeah i do look in your profile, i saw that u are junior programmer… just quick question. are u lying about floor/dmg eth or u really cheat.?

It may be only me who suspect you now but IMO ppl can see it. @Refia please delete this if it kind accuse without proof.


I converted the maps :slight_smile:


Well yah
I know i asking about common question
Well im just follow the build, Blightbog and MrMaru aint not hard build right.
Also, im got alot legends, i just need to convert to crystal, im not too focus on crystal farming :smiley:


I just bough a Maps from floor 192, convert it too 982, then im play on it,
After it i try bough a 983 maps,and i try convert it to 3629 ( converted alot times )
And i try to play it


Or should i record video about my inventory and stash
im hate who trying to calling me lying, --__–


Conversion is not possible unless you’ve been on that floor first. Were you playing on Very Easy first? Then converted to Mythic 3?


u cant convert map to above/beyond floor the the toon reached for example if my warrior highest floor it reach is 800floor and when i have a map at floor 800, when i try to convert to highest floor, it will not allowed and kind of warning box will appear saying it reach max floor my toon have. So your excuse are not valid.


Then why i can convert it to 3630? Its not possible right


It isn’t possible through legit means. Unless it’s a bug or hack.


Nvm, bug or hack idk
I dont have any hack application.
Yes Im rooted user for recording games to my channel NSG.


If it is indeed a bug, do send a PM to @Refia with the steps on how you did it. So they can look on this matter.


very straight haha i’v been playing this game for about 1month+ but still not reach 2months and im playing for almost 20hrs/day but still im on floor 600+ haha 3k is way too fast haha