DQ 2.3 Warrior Lightning Bleed

Let the Photo and video do the talking. Im lazy . :joy::joy::joy:


Aftermath Frozen Build.
(Floor 2100+ M3 Rapist)


This Build is an Attack Multiplier as you can see.

Shock + Life Force + Bleed + Time Warp + Wrath + Arcanist + Ascendant = Watch the Video. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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ill wait for the aftermath build :smile: is it for wizard @marwinberna?

Yes. But I think others will not appreciate it due to its destroying phone health (Elem Crit + Frozen Explosion = Exploding Note 7 :joy::joy::joy::joy:)

I already give the build to @CuzegSpiked.

Im just waiting to his response.


I can see that the damage output of this build goes well, but I can’t be convinced with a warrior with a pure MP stat build. MANA doesn’t make any sense for Warriors. This build still had lots of room for improvement. For example, you can just replace ZEALOUS with MINDFULand since you’re main DPS comes from offhand and primary skill TOSS. And FURY resource Mythic instead of Equivalence. Why? It’s because FURY’s are good with Primary skills and FURY + MINDFUL talent gives you always full rejuveneration of your resource (in short, spamming Toss gives you MANA FREE & DOUBLE Damage!). Then, you can stick with x2 GLASSCANNON instead of putting Push the limit to lessen the costs of resources when using specials. I hope it helps!

Edit: Don’t forget also to reset your stat build to pure HP. You will benefit a lot of damage from your HP if you’ll change your damage multipliers to Glascannon .

@TYRON changinh to prayer talent wont benefit him cuz he got 100% glasscannon and also changing to pure hp would only wreck dis build lol since as i said he got 100% GC (armor and hp wont let u survive 1k+ not even in 2k+ floors spexialy on pack maps). and he would have hard time casting special using fury mythic since he got 2x pushlimit.

U have talent to be good crafter. u need more experient to understand the affix… i would suggest few things but it seem like u will have to revamp few part tho.

need my wisdom? lol (Just kidding)

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I want to use your Hachimon Build because my build is also the same as yours but I want to test how far Shock/Bleed can go…
I like how you build/create Sets. I can’t Level on your Craftmanship. :joy::joy::joy::joy:
This build is the Combination of your Arcanist + Hachimon Build but different Element I use.
And also Im avoiding the too much lag when it comes to Elem Crit + Frozen Explosion.
My hireling is using Frozen Affix, and if I use also Frozen affix in this build, my phone is going frost and crash. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I put all in Mana because of 100% GC and 100% Push the Limit. Before, I use Vampiric Touch instead of Cosmic Power but since I need Mana and I have Throwable skills and I want Time Warp, I change to Cosmic Power.

I use Wrath because of its effect. My DMG will increase as soon I run infront of them without hitting them. So when I face Cartographer I have already high DMG to slay it.

Here what I will do if Im in your place.

Main weapon,
I would use frozen fate or munity. I don’t think I would use sword throw that much, beside it just used once in a while so the +100%WD (which is boost that weapon ONLY) aren’t important, I would use +100%ED instead for support OH damage.

Off Hand Weapon
I would remove that legend affix +%Movement Speed and replace with +5000WD, that your primary damage dealer tho. It would be better to do so, beside smokebomb can take that advantage to gain more damage when it proc.

U made fatal mistake on this part by choosing brutal over reptured. For BLEED build reptured always better. Brutal effect on deadly strike, its chance by chance (Chance for crit> Chance to deadly strike). While reptured boost damage just by applying bleed, since ur mainly toss bleed build apply bleed aren’t difficult. The result also better.
Here some example on dealing 100m damage with 200%Crit damage :
100m*2(crit damage) =300m (900m damage when deadly strike happen)

Reptured (on bleeding enemy)
100m+50% (reptured effect) = 150m
150m*2 (crit damage) = 450m (900m damage when deadly strike happen)

When u look at it spike damage (deadly strike, they deal the same but the reason why I said reptured are better for bleed build because the effect (damage boost) last longer, as long as enemy bleed, you can deal more damage in that 10sec (bleed duration) while brutal only when deal deadly strike.

Honestly what the reason u use resource mythic equivalent? It boost nothing in your build. U have different HP/MP pool due to glasscannon, u will not gain any benefit beside wasting 1 slot. Make new helm using masochism item, get that 50% Barbarian make desperation mythic.for ur +50% glasscannon on helm, u can just remove push over limit on ring.

Currently your 100%Glasscannon+100%Push over limit
((1*1) *1) = 4#

With my suggestion 100%Glasscannon+50%Push over limit+50%Barbarian.
(((1*1) *0.5) *0.5) = 4.5#

Even the boost seem small its bigger in damage tho… The layer, damage multiplier is monster, keep your eyes on it.

Like I said above, just remove that push over limit and get the glasscannon back. For the talent depend on u, zealous for more damage or u can change to suffering, at rank 30 if I remember correctly its 75% bleeding enemy to miss.

Congratulation.! the only part I don’t see any trouble. Lol

For heroic,
19 (Sword throw) since u not able to use constantly.
20 (Toss) ur primary lol
20 (Dexterity) get the tiny bit more ms dodge and CD.
20 (Intelligent) seriously I don’t get it why u add on strength lol, its not like u can boost HP, beside having 10k armor while having 1HP will not give u anything, with intelligent at rank 20 u gain more mp and more important is that +500Pm regen, u have +500mp regen in pet, so it will be good to boost regen for desperation.

500+500= 1000*1.25 (Cosmic power mp regen boost) = 2250MP regen. Good enough for unlimited toss spam.

Look at ur hatcher, toss cost 1040MP, but since it have 50% push over limit, the cosy will be 1520mp ur mp heal with desperation is higher. So it safe to said its spamable.

For hero point
U will have 60k+ without equivalent mythic,
So I suggest u to respect and just add little bit in many if the total is less than 10k. If it already more than 10kMP, the rest point u can put in Power for more damage.

Lastly I don’t think this build need resource mythic since to begin with your equivalent mythic doesn’t increase any damage to begin with. So it safe to say without that equivalent mythic its not effect ur overall damage.

Now bow to the king, (Lol Just kidding)

Edit: I saw u have +300% remove one and add +15% m.speed coz in my suggestion I ask u to remove m.speed on your OH weapon, core boost important tho lol



The missing that Im looking for…

You got it @cronos4321.

Your the King…

What address would you like? The Night King? King of the Andals? King-beyond-the-wall? King of the North? :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Winter is Coming…

Thank you very much @cronos4321 for realizing what Im missing…


All hail @cronos4321!

@marwinberna & @ralfh the last part is just joking lol… btw @marwinberna should have no mana problem after this lol

@cronos4321 yes mana is my main problem thats why I dont want to post it too soon or too early because I want to study about the Desperation Mythic but my fingers getting itchy thats why I ACCIDENTALLY post it. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

And Im glad that you help me with the easiest meaning of Desperation Mythic. :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Hail… Hailstorm… :snowman::snowman::snowman::snowman::snowman:

Why put all points in Mana?

Sorry my bad. MINDFUL Talent rather instead of ZEALOUS. Not PRAYER. By the way, Glasscannons benefits from HP not MP. As what I’ve said, when you change your resource to FURY you won’t regret it (You’ll be forgetting all about Mana) just stick to Glasscanons rather putting Push the Limits then change your stat build to Pure HP.

Pardon me all of you Guys… I will do what King @cronos4321 told me before. I will change some and I will post the end build.


Hail for the King…

King Cronos. :dolls:

@marwinberna u should praise ur itchy finger for being itchy lolol by that accident u got a way to solve the problem also a way to improve overall build damage haha.
Edit Not the King lol

@Onaneehsyu soon he will not put all in Mana. He did for now coz he have casting cost problem.

I’m serious. You’re very good. You deserve it :smile:

I cant anything else except thank you lol.


I follow your Desperation and Barbarian Guide but still I didnt remove my GC and POL

100%GC + 100%PTL + 50% Barbarian =

WARNING!!! This is not 100% Complete. This is just a testing Floor 1876 M3
:kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes: Thank you My King…