DQ 3.0 Cheap Build 3k Up Wizard Edition

Hi! Its the same build as my previous post DQ 3.0 Cheap Build Floor Hike M3 3k up but a Wizard this time using the same Items of my Warrior (can’t buy character slot :sweat_smile:)
I don’t have the pictures this time but uploaded the video for gameplay

Feel free to comment if there’s some improvements and use it as reference :grinning::grinning:


In floor hike build for the wizard, how can I get the more than 100b damage ?
I don’t know about it because of the floor. As of now, I’m in 940+ floor near to 1000k floor.

2x Crushing Flames, 1 Frozen and at least 10% Crushing Blow are the the key factors of this build…I used Energy on Helm and Sanctuary for survival

Nice build

This is my build up item.

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Is there any way you could recraft the main hand weapon with cosmiorb mythic ?

Well I think your build is pretty good enough… you might replace Druidic with Frozen then change to Ice Element of either one on your MH or OH if you want to climb higher floors that is and last craft Sanctuary on your amulet for Survival (just a suggestion)

Make a duplicate item from your MH weapon.
Just make a new one with your favorable set of affixes on an item.

I’ll try to make a duplicate item with your suggestion. Thanks for the info.

@RaizeL great video and I really liked the Skill combination you used with Skull Shield, Taunt, & Whirling Blades with Periphery Set…or was it Elemental Set…or Specialist affix…well, no matter how you made it, it looks great! :+1:

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@chellynomae your welcome

@Golem thank you sir… its Periphery set with Specialist Affix

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