[DQ 3.0] Survivability-Wise Blazing Whirlwind Warrior PVE

Hi i would like to share my warrior build cause i hardly see any build for pve warrior. Currently on 1455+ floor.
Max Damage ive seen is 177.12b and Min. is 13.32b.

I will be uploading a gameplay video after my internet connection becomes stable. Any advice, comments, violent reactions are welcome.

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Sigh yet here’s another one…


I say, interesting rolls :smile:

Good pet bro,and … good luck :slight_smile:

lol ikr

What’s the catch??

Crushing flames… Crushing flames everywhere… Hahahah

So much negativity for crushing flames. I did try many build for warrior but it always fall on damage.

Nc build tho im working on crushing flames w/ meteor on my wiz right now hahaha thats why im taking notes.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: too much Crush will kill you…

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I think f00ke referred to the edited pet :unamused:

Wow… so this is edited too?

I didn’t know you can edit without a rooted phone.

Awesome pet dude… :open_mouth::open_mouth:

Eh? LOL. I wont start anything so uh,
first, the “I’m not edited it bcause its possible to get” not gonna works on those guys above since long ago. Theyre pros.
second, good combination of stat is something alright, but tht combined with maxed stat on each slot is a different story.

happy gamin! ^^

Lol. Pet stats gets max when they level 100. And maxing stats for each item is possible but time consuming if you know what youre doing. For example getting obsidian crystal on an item apply emerald until quality reach 25%. If you apply then you want crit damage but doesnt appear just dont apply close the game then repeat until you get what you desire. Clear data then login download your saved account then repeat. For legend same as obsidian. Been doing this since 2010. I get max affix stats by doing this. Its not hard right? But time consuming.

Pet stat get what? maxed at lv 100? LOL.

Tht would be a good proof of ur experience on this game. And also thanks for tht noobie stuff u taught me.
Ure fooling nobody at this stage pal. Its going to be my last comment here.
again, happy gamin!

You can’t do that clear account trick easily anymore lmao. It takes 3 hours per try lol.


Again. That’s why i said time consuming.

Heres a status of my phone.

Admin please delete this account.