DQ Account Help Please!

Been without data for a while so I downloaded DQ via WiFi and been playing offline and love this game. Have data now and want to make it official. Tried to register for DQ account in app and it keeps telling me invalid e-mail address. :frowning: I tried multiple addresses to no avail. If someone can, please help. Thx in advance.

First things that come in mind are:

-You did not confirm e-mails
-You somehow messed up the CAPS lock
-You forgot the @blablabla.com

Tried those tips before I found this place. Just used the classic tactic of uninstalling then reinstalling. SUCCESS! Only now I have to start from the beginning again. I tried to buy coins to help launch the restart, but it never passes the spot in enclosed pic. I have money in my Google Play account and on my VISA. If you have any off the top tips on that I would love to hear them. BTW, thx for the reply. Nice to know this forum is jumping.

Hi chaos I think I replied to your review on Google play. I can restore your character levels so you are not starting from scratch if you would like. Shoot an email to me: support@shinyboxgames.com

E-mail sent. Thx for the responses. Impressive