Dq calculator!

High guys i just want to share my own made GUI for DQ PVP calculator

I already spend my 2 whole days making this calculator but unluckily, idont know the values of some affixes that is why i’m stacked in making this thing (like strength, it should be +2% hp and +1000 armor max in pvp)

I will really appreciate you guys for anyone who can give me the real values in arena like the Gold(epic) which is exactly 22.86% but you would see 23%

I’m willing to give a copy of this application especially for those who are so commited in this game but has lack of mathematical skills, because you know guys this game’s pvp is 25% style , 25% item creativity, and 50% calculation. And i’m not sure if the calculation is only 50%

And i,ve got this ultra rare item in floor 1034

But if you ask me if its worth farming (NOOOOOOOO)
I spend my whole quarantine in farming this so called ultra rare legends since last update but i’ve only got ONE!!! Also my build in farming these items is +8 nadroji ,no eternalize, no crystal
And i think sacrificing bunch of crystals in this one item is such a big disappointment
However i may add the mythitech in damage set in this calcu

Again guys i hope someone can give me the real values


I’m also open for suggestions to upgrade this GUI


wow that’s dope man. how to get a copy of that😇


I’m still working on it coz some values are not precised enough, but don’t worry i’ll give this app whenever i’m done, mybe by email, g-drive or maybe here if i can


Thats awsome!


Love the calculator @D-legend. I have something very similar. :blush:


Wow, impressive!!


Oh man! That helps a lot! I wish we can use it on our smart phones. Big PP​:clap::clap::clap:


That tool is smoking dope.:joy::ok_hand:

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Oh wow this is cool. Programming things like a calculators useful. I’ve made a basic calculator before in programming class but not to this level for the game. Its good to do.

Ahh this is for PvP. Okay, saves time with converting things for PvP calculations and PvE.

Edit: What is it programmed in? Language if that matters.


Sorry for necro-posting but I’m pretty sure Python is used with the tkinter library for GUI.

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where i can download the file ?