DQ drinking game (unofficial)

Ok… fill your cups and begin!

Complete a feat… drink.
Find a legendary item… drink.
Find a crystal item… 2 drinks.
Find an eternal item… 3 drinks.
Rescue a pet… drink.
Rescue an epic+ pet… finish your drink, get another
Kill a boss… drink.
Find a cs/ms of 13+… drink.

Happy playing dq!

Immortal 10th legend boss… Drink

Oh yeah… mythical ones? Hate that. Hint. … spawn it on a lower level, and don’t use a map. Less affixes, easier fight.

Then you risk an eternal gift that isn’t up to level.

i’d be drunk in ten minutes… ))

Just when I’m sober this drinking game started. :frowning:

So I’m drunk, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

I’ll fight! Just as soon as 1.9 comes out :slight_smile:

I get drunk on Eternals faster than the Crystals. I have like 10 eternals and only 3 crystals.