DQ on PC

I know it’s a question that has been raised before with different answers, but what is considered the best option if I wanna play DQ on my PC.
Still bluestacks, or are there better options?:slight_smile:
edit* I don’t mind paying for a solid solution. Phone games are getting a lot better - might be useful for other games as well:)

Considered trying AmiDuOS - but have no idea if I need the jelly bean or the lollipop version:)

Completely unofficially here (I don’t test anything on PC emulators and have no idea what side effects it could have) you would need icecream sandwich or higher.


Icecream sandwich is the android version you would need. That version or higher…Jellybean or lollipop would both be a “higher” version of android OS

Not that well versed in tech. Gonna have to find out if it can run it. If not, I’ll just play on the phone:)