DQ on PC?

hey guys, i’m wondering if i can download DQ onto my computer?


you will have to use an android emulator like bluestacks, droid4x, etc. once installed, run the emulator and install DQ.

ohh i see ! thanks

Is there one for iphones?

Yes. Hell you can even play on consoles if the controller is compatible too and you somehow download it to console. I am no expert so I am assuming how it works.

There is a programme called ipadian, lets iphone users get app store games onto pc apparently :smiley: i’m going to try it :DD

Don’t use ipadian, haha doesn’t work.

You can’t actually play on a console. You can use a controller from a console, or other compatible controllers. And, as @ilidan371 said, there are emulators that will also function with controllers.

I have iphone, im not sure what kind of emulator to use to get DQ on my pc :confused: if anyone knows, tell me please :smiley:

Try this:

I don’t know if it’ll work, but it looks promising.
I’m not the expert on this.

wow, thank you! sorry for troubling you. you didnt have to search it for me though. but thanks a lot!

It would be cool if there were native console and pc versions… actually, that would really ROCK. (consoles as in xbox one and ps4).

Yeah! the xbox with the big 40’’ 4k flat screen HD TV. DQ can’t get any better. hahaha lying on the bed all comfortable as well :slight_smile: that would be cool

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Just use bluestacks

bluestacks is for android only isnt it? i use iphone

Those it matter if your using android or iphone it will change a bit but still you can play your account on any device

Yeah :smiley: your pc can handle bigger pack size :smile:

the wider the screen the lessen the lag haha

plus a more enjoyable game play haha

while on pc you can also use a game controller for better control :wink: haha