DQ on YouTube

You guys ready to have some casual DQ viewing content? Have you been waiting for a long time?

Well, wait no longer!

Maybe I’ll get a certain someone to come back and play with me :wink:


I didn’t watch the whole video, but it sure was fun watching what I did. that Reactor/Orb/Poison combo was awesome to watch in action! made my heart do a happy dance!
“They can’t hear you screaming inside a Toxic Cloud.”


I can’t really take credit for that build, sadly.


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You’re gonna get Rubik to come back and play with you :open_mouth:

I think when dq2 comes out then all past and current players will be there as newbies. Blank slates . Discovering together and fighting each other


DQ God Rubik

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Awesome dude I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:

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