DQ should fix the name glitch bug of items

today as i was checking on a thread of reported cheaters i notice that i was reported aswell…

the reason because of the name glitch…

my rouges chest was named spellbinder for some reason i don’t even know…

then now while i was checking my chars because of that i was shock that my mutiny(got it as spear then jasper it to wiz item) has a name of emberglow now which is a name of a wiz offhand weapon…

as far as i remember it was always has a named of mutiny…maybe one of the things that caused of the item named glitch might be the upload and download cause after i upload my char and download it i never check the names again just now i just check because of that report of @Emman on the cheaters thread…

before i uploaded it from my iphone it was named still named mutiny and downloaded it on my brothers android(didn’t check it at all since i don’t really care much on items name) then uploaded again and downloaded on my android and now that i check it the mutiny becomes emberglow in my items name…

@SteigerBox can you kindly check that named glitch issue…IDK if you ban me already in PVP arena just because of the item named glitch of my item even it is legit because of the report of @Emman but i hope before reporting make sure it is not just a glitch…cause yes i heard on how the cheat/hack works you can edit status of equips but i never heard of a hack that you can change items from offhand to another type like Mainhand etc cause i don’t think that is possible

@update: so i borrowed my bro’s android that i downloaded my char and yes the name of my mutiny really becomes emberglow…i guess the glitch name of items was because of the upload and download

I asked Refia if I still should report the items that has different names and this is Refia’s reply

So I report any discrepancies that I find with a item.

As far as this scenario. The one I am informed with if you quartz all of the affixes so including set affix to change name.

As I said I report any discrepancies that I find.
And well I wouldn’t know if you had a glitch so I can’t really base it on that.
If you have been flag sa a cheater you can appeal it at support email.

i just wanna know since i haven’t played for like 2 weeks(my mail is overflooded of chest from away xD) the last time i played clogon is one of the top 3 but now when i check my eternal league leaderboards the top 3 are (swens915,krstayn,saintwave) are those the top 3 of a legit league division 1???if yes then i am not ban cause i heard if you got ban your league will be different was that true???

i think one of the cause of my items to glitch in name might be the uploading and downloading to another divice iphone to android and vice versa since they have different versions??

Yeah that’s the top 3 in the eternal league now.
As far as I know that is correct that you would be at another division of flag chars.
But I don’t know what league can they view though. I just know that the ones at the flag league would only fight each other and can’t fight the real league.

The bug will be fixed in 2.1.

We don’t ban people ( on purpose ) for the name glitch, it’s easy for us to tell the difference.


BTW i wanna know is it possible to get eternal trophy on legend chest cause if it possible i rather take my chance opening 20 legend chest than having 1 eternal chest and don’t get a trophy xD…

No, it’s impossible.

dang that means 400 total win match for an eternal chest and not even have 100% chance to get an eternal trophy…guess i will just get legend trophy instead…wish in future patches eternal chest would be easier or atleast make away chest merge with the win chest since i got plenty of away chest xD

Yep! It was haha but im not #1 anymore