DQ stop working on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I was playing DQ for long period of time on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet.
After latest patch DQ don’t start.
Device information:
GT-N5110 with Android 4.2.2

I was sending raports from crash - automatic sending.
I really would like to continue my trip to 200 level :wink: ( i was about 150 level).


Thank you for upload the crash reports, I will see if I can locate them.

In the mean time, can you try the following:
(I know a lot of this is REALLY basic stuff but it will give me some additional information as well)

  1. Restart Device, and then run Dungeon Quest. Do you get the same issue?

  2. Clear Dungeon Quest Cache (not saved data)
    Got to App Drawer
    Open Settings
    Open Application Manager
    Locate Dungeon Quest and press its icon
    Press the “Clear Cache” button DO NOT Press clear Data (that will remove your save data)
    Run Dungeon Quest

Do you see the same issue?

This didn’t help, I send new crash report with Description started with “Ciemny…”

Thank you! I will pull that up right now.