Any news on dungeon quest 2 are you guys playing on makeing it

it looks like they’re testing a lot of new technology in 3 Skies as they work on DQ2, or something like that. @tdaniel or @SteigerBox have given a few updates in some of the other DQ2 threads.

Thats good to hear :grinning:

Hopefully they don’t make DQ2 and just upd DQ because I can’t download stuff because idk my Apple ID :identification_card:

they’ll make DQ2 for sure, most of us are waiting for it. and the Dev’s have also said, when things calm down, they’ll take a look at updating DQ.

think about it… some veteran players who stopped playing are coming back and new players are learning how much fun this game is, so it might be awhile before DQ just ends up as a historical footnote in gaming app history.

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@Golem but they Should make so you start where you left off

Or else what would be the grind in DQ for if DQ2 comes out and everything resets

Dq2 would have more stuff and a new look they said that they want make pvp in dq2 better and they have leaned lot stuff from there new game which will make dq2 better in many ways add new stuff to game

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DQ is basically a solo player game with one PVP mode (Battle Arena).

DQ2 is supposed to be more multi-player & PVP(?) than solo, and so it isn’t really a continuation of DQ, but a different game based on DQ. something like that.