Draught APS cap?

Hey there!
I was trying to replace my Pathfinder Set affix with something more useful.
I got Epiphany(5) and max Dodge so Pathfinder gives me 62.5*75=46.875% increased damage.
I got 100% Glasscannon so the other feature of Pathfinder doesn’t matter to me.
I already have Arcanist, Ascendant, Epiphany, Frozen and Adventurer.
Movement speed was 25% so kinda meh and I decided to try out Draught.
I see a big inrease in the movement speed indeed!
But my Attack Speed is already capped at 75% and I cannot tell if it grows with Draught more.
Please let me know if I really get a boost in Attack speed with Draught or if its already capped and I shall stay with Pathfinder.

Here the current setup. Pathfinder ring looks all the same but with Pathfinder instead of Draught.

If you already have reached cap then the atk spd will NOT do anything

cap is of increased attack speed
and draught says attack per second

Ohhh… interesting. Wish I could say for sure, but you got me stumped.

I think it go beyond the cap.

No cap . Yes the 75% attack speed is capped but the APS isn’t capped.

75% attack speed is just one method to increase APS. Draught also , Hunger , Angelic , certain talents such as celerity for chakram or Fletcher for bow. Then there’s skill APS that can be naturally good even on its own. Synergy is a good one if you use minions for APS and Move speed Increase.

Barrage has innate 50% APS increase as a skill itself. Some skills already have high APS default too.