The number 1 guy scares me to op

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keep calm :smile:

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I am just playing but eater while u here can u do me a favor

sure what is it?

Can u show me all the caps to the affixes or is that to much of a thing to ask i feel like i went over some caps and have useless affixes

cant find the updated ill try it again later :smile:

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@Achilles actually rank 1-3 always switch every few hours lol.

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you guys always switching positions on top lol

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@Eater cuz dey wont give in lol haha.

Coung always cut my streak. Bleeding too op.
Gonna build my set again, this time with clotting. XD

DreadWrath here, yeah it’s a constant merry go round of switching in the top 3 at the moment! Haha

just wait me ill catch up soon to you guys lol


Use Charge + Cosmicorb + Scalp Combo to Coung. That cheater is just a paper when you have a goal to become top 3. :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

@marwinberna nahh. hes build is pretty solid even though his a cheater and has a terrible build in the past. just by reading here in forum he made a proper warrior build now(though im not sure if his using legit affixes behind his gears)
@Badass just use 80% perseverance and taunt immune against his toon and make sure u burst him after his sanctuary proc since he got high lvl prayer talent(his char stay in 1 place when his hp is low spamming toss/ w/ prayer talent.
@Eater lol come here so more challengers more fun haha.(curently working on new set for pvp)

@Dweller1987 take the top spot il be retiring a bit from pvp. im currently workin on my new set for my rogue for pvp. i needed to farm crystals again. (if ur having prov w/ torrent dmg its better to switch resource system. bloodmagic is good but not good against long battles u loss so much hp specially w/ push limit affix. )

Even so i think being top 3 u guys deserve some sort of prize weekly

Weekly rewards for top players sounds good. It will invite more players to do PVP.

Top 1 watch-out! XD

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@Badass nc gratzz bro. take the top 1 dude. i got lazy earning more points today u can do it.

Thanks but once I get the demonic aura, I’ll stop PVP and do more PVE. XD

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@roykiyoy I cant my build was not finish yet in can barely climb up at eternal league div1 #40-50 lol