Drop rate

After a brake, ur drop rate is absolute garbage for pets, cmon man, how many years do I gotta play this beautiful god damn game to get a pet!!! Can a man fill his legendary book in peace before he dies :broken_heart:


Lol it’s very easy message me and I will let u know how to do it

Try having max luck and farm above floor 400

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Play 4 years, 1 eternal slime drop and Shibe from achi

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I just have the elusive Leaf , Void and Merlins imp pet to go.

With Eternals I’m nowhere near this complete.

Btw I used nadroji (5) or (6) with bonus. The set + Luck and Epiphany is everything. Having many monster boosts and rushing enslavers included. Thats it. And playing for a while , and the breaks. That said floor 400 is worth it indeed but I didn’t do that until the patch for the change came out.

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So thats where my legend pet drops went… :yum:

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I had even more but I salvaged or sell some of them because my inventory bag characters were getting full as well. Ever since 3.0 ability to craft legend pet, kept less but still plenty to craft on. So I never worry about not having a pet farmed to craft.