Druidic set and perks

Q1. I want the Druidic Hp regen effect. Do i have to have all 4 Druidic bonus onmy items or can i just have 4 Druidic? I am confused because i see one item with Druidic and above it is Druidic bonus. Then i see another one which says Druidic only, so are they both the same?? so confused …

Q2. I have he dealer perk rioght now, i’m heading to lvl 99 again soon. If i choose the treasure perk will i have both the treasure and dealer perk?

q1 - the grey option is unlocked when you have 4 items with druidic affix on it.
q2 - yes you can have all 6 perks.

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So i can just have 4 Druidic affix right? out of the 4 of them, it doesn’t need to say Druidic Bonus right?

correct. only one needs to say druidic bonus, the rest (3 parts) must have druidic, say you have a druidic bonus affix on your chest then you have druidic affix on your head,chest, ring and amulet, the druidic bonus will be unlocked.

Okay, i see :smiley: Can i get the Druidic Bonus from the amethyst?

Nope, bonuses can only be obtained via drop on a certain items and opening arena reward chest.

Wah, noo wayyy, that sucks :frowning: Then what about just the Druidic affix?

Yes, you can via Amethyst.

Okay, thank you

Oh by the way. Do you know anything about the blood magic set? Like what kind of bonus it gives. I would like to know the same about the mythic blood magic too, what is the difference between the 2 and would having more than 1 mythic blood magic make any difference in my damage?