Dual elemen solo climbing

Im using this build until now

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with Crushing Blow you can climb in any floor eventually. the challenge is making the build without any Crushing Blow at all but thanks for the video.

Can you spill your own build agains floors up to 5k with crushingblow but without frozen set on ice elemen?

The challange is, spill your crushingblow build and test it on 5k++ without frozen set on ice elemen
Can it do instany kill to boss or no?

Wow this build ve very high survivability i see
The core of this build, when enemies got chase in icae/frozen,the buff of enemies will not active right?

Let ask to @Golem

enemies with the Elemental affix can still attack even when CC’d. it’s an auto attack like Wizard Skullshield or Warrior Wrath. at least, I’ve been Elementaled by enemies when they are Freezed, Paralyzed, Blind, so best to be careful and ready.