Duck's DQ Art Showcase


I just joined this forum and I have played for nearly/more than a year,lost my progress 5 times and has lost interest.
Until now.With my brother,@CuzegSpiked telling me everything about DQ I decided to get back into the game.
Recently I just got a Windows 10 64-bit Pro and soon I will be downloading my art software cus I am an arteese.
I will be updating this post with art.Obviously.
Now,let me answer some questions:
What do you use to make this art?
I use GIMP and Paint.NET
May I use it for any of my projects/videos?
Sure…idk why/how that would happen,just give credit.
Can you make me art?
Pffttt…in your dreams.Maybe.IDK.
Now bye,thanks for reading etc.
(Released the first piece of art.More is coming soon).

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you will make some 3d arts for DQ?
wellcome back by the way :wink:

Hello there :obi wan kenobi:

I forgot to mention.
I do 3D and 2D cus I am SUCH a nerd.
I specialize in pixels but I can do some bigger art and 3D sometimes.

Oh and I do music as well.That’s classed as art.Right?

yes there are lots of kind of arts im doing a 2D arts at phone and computer and playing some video editing too

Okay.Once I get my art and music software I will make the best cancer you will ever see :)!
(I like to joke a lot.)

ill wait for it :smile:

Yo guys,I’m sorry.
Me and my friends are making a multiplayer game.
I even got a new fancy email for it (
And when I did go on a forum,it would most likely be this game dev forum I am extremely addicted to.
So,I had no time to do this (that’s a lie,I was too lazy and I had a terrible memory).
But,you probably want art.It’s not my art,and it’s not dq art,but here’s my new original profile avatar for GameJolt,created by my friend:

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nice art but in kinda confuse it that a human whistling? :smile:

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My alias for development is,BoredSoul,or in music,DJSoul.
I’ll let you figure out the rest lol.

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got it mate :smile: thanks for the clue :wink:

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Working on the art right now!

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good luck wanna help out but dont have a computer right now

Done the first piece of art for this showcase!
It’s pretty simple,made with Paint Tool SAI.
I’ll make more soon.

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not bad for paint tool nice art

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That’s actually my brother’s art lol. Unfortunately he quit DQ because he thought it was boring and bad. :expressionless:

It was cool art though that he created and I even watched and cheered him on XD. I think he used FireAlpaca or something if I remember correctly.

Thats sad

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