Duck's DQ Music Showcase


Recently,I made a topic where I make some good yet cancerous art.Here,I am making a topic post for compositions of DQ.Remixes of the music.
I see not many people use the art topic BUT IDC!
Now to make sure nobody asks these questions:
Oh Great Duck,what do you use to make music?
I use Synthesia,LMMS and Sibelius 7.
Synthesia- A LOT
Sibelius 7-Low (You’re Some Good Software But I’m Sorry)
Cancerous Composer Duck,will you release sheet music?
Pffttt…in your dreams.Maybe.IDK.
May I download your music,cancerous one?
Can I use it in any of my projects/videos?
Sure,but give me credit.


Damn, son.

As a person who lives a life of music, I’m excited.


waiting for this




Yo guys,I’m sorry.
Me and my friends are making a multiplayer game.
I even got a new fancy email for it (
And when I did go on a forum,it would most likely be this game dev forum I am extremely addicted to.
So,I had no time to do this (that’s a lie,I was too lazy and I had a terrible memory).
Things are coming soon.


Been a long time . My brothers post. Still hasn’t posted the music but has posted the art I think but he didn’t play DQ very long and moved onto other things basically Found this as 3rd result from searching music.


Spill it out now brotha :grin: This is so exciting.


I wish.