Dungeon Delving: Taking The Next Step

I have posted on a few Threads about the difference between Farming, Ascending, Climbing, and PVP Builds. :nerd_face:

A few days ago, I found myself getting bored Climbing Floors, because it was taking me 2-5 minutes per Floor. on top of that, I was getting frustrated because I wasn’t getting much loot. :weary: :angry:

All of a sudden, it occurred to me that I wasn’t getting much loot because I had my Climbing Gear on, and not my Farming Gear. so why was I running around in my Climbing Gear killing all the monsters and picking up all the loot? :confused:

I made the decision to kill Shrine Guardians and get their loot, then go to the Cartographer and finish the Map. this way I speed things up and don’t get bored. I still have to survive the monsters & any TNT Breakables on the way to the end of the Map, but now I don’t kill all the monsters and pick up all the loot. I only need to do that when I need to Farm with my Farm Gear on. :thinking:

It took this long for me to understand my own advice to Noobs & Beginners. :blush:


One good thing for people to understand, as well, is that once you have collected most or all of the legends, you no longer need to farm passed Floor 500. You can craft any legendary you need.

Edit: I meant 500. Typed 200 by accident.


I agree @Skaul your chasing rainbows after 200 floor

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Pets 400 very easy . Mythic 3 for Merlin if 501 you want it as a trophy. As long as you have 1012 luck.


You can craft any legendary you need.

using Dust in the LegendEx & Eternal in the Codex.

I only need a few more Legend items to have a full LegendEx. I am about 60-70% full on the Eternal items. the more difficult ones are the Gladiator Legend & Eternal Items that can only be gotten in Battle Arena.

@dickwad haha, I still remember getting Merlin with +850% Luck! but it might be Luckier if you have +1012% Luck. it took me a year of playing to find Merlin’s Imp following me home.