Dungeon Maps

Hey guys,

I searched the forums but still can’t find anything about the dungeon maps. What is the point (if any) of visiting those areas and killing the carthographers and doing same thing all over again?

The maps are a challenge when you finish all the 200 floors. You can complete them also before floor 200 but i don’t see any point of doing it apart from farming.
By completing them you can reach higher floor and climb the online ladders (the ladders are separated by which ep you play).
Those maps are also incredible for farming because they increase the amount of gold find, exp and luck of your characters, but of course they make the enemies stronger.

I have 5 maps atm. Should i sell them and wait for the higher levels to find more or should i collect and play them all?

I guess u are under f200 o.o i think that regular floors are separated from cartographer maps, so if u find a map on f100 and go up to f200 ok u got the 201 map

and now if u go start normal floors again u continue on f100 (still having a map for 201 on inventory wich u can open anytime and continue)

Correct me if im wrong

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You can also use the Maps to progress up to 200 if you don’t want to do Acts 1-4 over and over all the way up. Just open a Map, kill the cartographer at the end, then pick up the Map he drops ( which will be one floor higher ) and then finish the next one :smile: