Dungeon Quest glitch, please help! [iOS]

I’ve played dungeon quest for a day and I want to keep playing it, I’m level 13 and floor 5, but whenever I enter the dungeon the game freezes (I can still leave the app, and I could hear the noise).
I’ve tried restarting the app, rebooting, deleting and re-installing the app and none of these methods have worked.

Please help, thanks!

Hey Shady, what iphone and iOS version are you using?

Also, have you tried letting the game sit for awhile once it crashes? Sometimes assets can glitch and take a long time to load on certain devices.

I’m using an iPad 2 running iOs 7.1.2

he game doesn’t crash it just doesn’t allow anything to operate rather than the sound. The loading screen/home screens are the same as last time I played. I recently tried changing the floor but the same problem occurred.


Can you do this for me and I will have a look on my end at your data.

Close the app.
Double tap home button and make sure DQ is cleared from your active tray.
Start up the game again.
Access the “DQ Account” screen.
Upload your current save game information to our server.
Shoot me an email: support@shinyboxgames.com reference this forum post and let me know the email address you use with your DQ account. I will then pull your data down on my end with the same device and see if I can get this issue to happen for me.



Please mail me once you finish, thanks


I am working through bugs now and your issues is on my list to look at. Will get this looked at today!


Just had a look at this data and it is indeed corrupted. We will need to attempt to rebuild this save data on our end and get it uploaded for you. We think we have this fixed in the upcoming patch so it shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

Please have some patience with us as it takes quite a long time to fix these issues. I will shoot you an email when it has been fixed and the new data is on the server for you to download.

This issue should be fixed on your end. Just start up DQ, access the “DQ Account” section and download the new data.