Dungeon Quest: iOS 6, iPhone 4S

Is less stable than an OCD heroin addict with an odd number of needles. =P

Usually crashes when clicking a button to change views (“Dungeon Crawl”, “Back to Main Menu”, etc)

Lol, sorry to hear!

This might be the fault of us assuming a connection for Game Center, do you happen to play mostly offline or in an area with poor connection?

It’s all been on 4G, full bars. The character upload worked great. =P

Well that was my shot in the dark guess :smile: It still might be Game Center, as I assume everything was okay last patch?

We’ll have to get a 4s on ios 6 and try to reproduce it.

Yeah, it ran super smooth pre-patch.

It either crashes when entering or leaving the dungeon level. Clicking Dungeon Crawl, Back to Town, or even the exit portal.

I haven’t been able to successfully finish a level yet. XD