Dungeon Quest on PC

Can someone send me an another link for android emulator. Bluestacks 2 wont work anymore on mine.

There are lots of android emulators for pc out there outside Bluestacks. Here are my couple of favorites.


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Thank you

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I used NOX

one last problem, how to change controls on PC by using WASD only ?

I smell either a Dota or league of legends player here. :joy:

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Mobile Legends or Vainglory for mobile :smiley:

On what emulator?


Here: http://www.memuplay.com/blog/index.php/2016/01/27/setup-key-mapping-incl-gravity-sensor/

Just a quick heads up:
We don’t test on PC emulators
We don’t maintain server support for any save games created by the PC platform.
We have no way of fixing issues caused by using pc emulators

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Talk about going rogue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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XD :slight_smile: .

Unfortunately you can’t change controls for PC despise playing on it. You can however use a controller for PC emulated DQ and see how it goes?

WASD for movement and the skills are a specific hotkey (I can’t remember) for the PC emulated.

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Cuzeg is correct. Movement and skills can be any specified hotkey. Commonly for movement, you may want the abused WASD and the F1 - F12 keys for skills.

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Yeah. I know from testing Bluestacks DQ for the very first time. Funnily enough , my phone runs better than my old pc. Even though old pc has dual core 3.3Ghz, it runs slower than my phone with 2Ghz somehow, even for game like DQ. Apparently my phone has higher IPC than some old PCs.