Dungeon Quest PvE Mage Build

http://imgur.com/a/Q8fBx any suggestions

With that much Aftermath, you should be using Frostfire Regalia for the bonus.

Probably true, but the druidic and the ignore resist is just so nice

nice build but too many wasted slot for keeping eternal item

Ya aftermath really doesn’t do that much after 4 I think for the 100% chance to refresh meteor/shatter. Adds more dmg % but at the point of stacking more then 1 with +4 sets would not be worth it for what you could get with other sets. Spell sword, aetherial, cosmic, you have plagued so I assume you have plenty of Mana and are stacking toward HP then vamp and fauns could be good. They are some good high dmg adding eternals though but usually you don’t want to stack the same sets get like 5-7 diff sets and let your ring/neck add the +4 sets and call it good. I do know that for PvP you might want 2 aftermath otherwise your only at like 75% refresh cool down and it sucks to port and get stuck in the middle of hell :slight_smile: