Dungeon Quest Story: The Legend of Nadroji

Here is my suggestion for a story in this game:


Beginning cutscene when you start floor 1:


Once upon a time, in a forest, there was a town called Eleanouir.

Nadroji and his companions Veneficus, Oaken and Violet lived in their hometown Eleanouir which consists of: castles, blacksmiths and barracks (School of Magic) to train people to become Rogues, Warriors or Wizards to protect the town from being raided and protecting innocent people.

Also Merchants lived there to sell weapons and armour to the people who were training to become protectors of the town of Eleanouir.

The Rogues, Warriors and Wizards who protected the town of Eleanouir were of different gender, different ages and of different skin colours ( black or white).

In other words, there was no sexism , racism or ageism in the town of Eleanouir.

Pets also lived in this town to aid the warriors, wizards and rogues in training and legend pets helped the guardians protect the town from certain raids as well as fend them off themselves.

They were a major ally to Eleanouir and they were a must to keep when training or defending your town in a raid.

The legendary Nadroji often protected the town from Skeletons, Slimes, Enslavers, Malium Spawns and easily defeat each villan that came their away one at a time such as malium anguish.

He also had his 3 companions Veneficus, Oaken and Violet protect the town .

They were of execptional skill level as well as being the most powerful wizard, warrior and rogue alive in the overworld.

Nadroji only wanted the best of the best as his companions and enhanced their abilities even more to take his place in protecting the whole town if ever he died of old age or something like that.

He was so famous because he had the ability to use all class abilities as well as having the ability to use any class item such as Axe, Bow, Sword, Staff, etc. Nobody else could ever be able to do that except Nadroji.

He was a Rogue to Violet while a Warrior to Oaken and a Wizard to Veneficus who is the oldest and wisest wizard as well as the most powerful wizard alive. He did that so he could teach as much of his abilities to his companions while he was still alive.


The Raid on Eleanouir:


Then one day, the town of Eleanouir was raided by a foreign town Cureo.

They raided with the 4 villans from the underworld who are : Limorex, Malium Anguish, Nix Gigas and Ignis.

The town of Cureo were forced by Ignis to surrender to them and raid their ally Eleanouir otherwise their hometown would be destroyed and wiped from existence by the 4 villans.

The villans and the surrendered town of cureo attacked when they found out that Nadroji was training to become one with the elements ( the ultimate training to become immortal and be god of the dungeon quest universe).

He wasn’t at 100% full potential and the raid was timed to attack in the same time Nadroji was training to become one with the elements by sending huge waves of Malium Spawns, Slimes, Lair Warriors, Summoners, Skeletons as well as enslavers to kidnap pets .

The enemies that raided ranged from normal rank to mythic rank and the only people who could defeat the mythic rank enemies were Nadrojis companions and Nadroji himself.

The Rogues, Warriors and Wizards along with their pets and legend pet allies tried their very best to defend the town and its innocent people during a raid as well as Nadroji and his companions who did their very best to defend their town against huge hordes of enemies.

Eventually, the 4 villans caught up, costing many lives and kidnapping innocent people was well as guardians who protected the town. All pets, including the precious legend pets, were taken hostage by enslavers to weaken the defense of Eleanouir. The foreign town Cureo also got taken to the underworld along with everyone from Eleanouir as hostage after being forced to raid with the demonic 4 villans.

Before this happened, Nadroji and his companions Veneficus, Oaken and Violet did their very best to fend off the 4 villans but they were too strong for them.

Nadrojis power was then sucked by all the 4 villans combined and Nadroji, the leader of the town Eleanouir, was killed by the villans. Luckily, Nadroji just mastered the training to becomr one with the elements at the last second but his body died in the process and only his spirit remained.

Ignis then commanded Malium Anguish, Nix Gigas and Limorex to kill some people and take people of Cureo and Eleanouir to the underworld, including Nadrojis companions since their powers got stripped off them and they had to be stuck with basic magic and gears.

The companions arrived at the underworld, which is the villans homeland, and to their surprise, they couldn’t find people anywhere.

The villans then told them: “the people are being held hostage at floor 185-200 and if you want to escape this dungeon, you have to complete 200 floors and free the people and start with NOTHING”!

However, since Nadroji mastered the training to become one with the elements when he just died, he came back to the companions as an elemental ghost. He told them that when he died, his legendary gear was scattered to the underworld as well as some random legends with crystals and mythstones.

He gave then a codex to aid them on their adventures to find legends for their adventures, understand mythstones and crystals as well as how to use them to help them on their dungeon quest to free the people and escape from the underworld back to Eleanouir in the overworld.

His final words as elemental ghost were " Use this to aid you to save the people and remember this: your quest is to save the people and escape the underworld with the people back to the overworld".

The cutscene then ends and floor 1 starts:

He guides you in the tutorial to help you learn how to use controls, codex, vendor and stuff like that.

He appears like male to Wizard and Warrior and Female to Rogue.

He also appears as the respective class to each class your playing as.
The default companions you play as in dungeon quest is either Veneficus, Oaken and Violet who are Nadroji’s companions and their names can be changed if you want to. Basically, he appeared as the mirror image of Veneficus, Oaken or Violet when you play as those characters in Elemental Ghost form

After you get to gate in floor 1, there will be a merchant who says: “Thank you, I’m free!”

He sets up the vendor and if you click on it, it should show up the usual vendor in the menu and the ability to buy stuff from the vendor is unlocked from there onwards.

Also you only start off with Arcane Element ( basic element that all humans usually start off with) and after defeating Limorex clone boss for the first time, you unlock the poison element.

After defeating Malium Anguish, you unlock the shock element. After defeating Nix Gigas, you unlock the ice element and after defeating Ignis clone boss for the first time, you unlock the fire element.

These element restrictions apply when using calcite and on items that dropped such as hat, robe, weapons, amulet and rings as well as other class drops.

It is said that the 4 villans created clones of themselves to face ,using their mana so that Nadroji’s companions could never escape the underworld.

After floor 185-200, after defeating each real boss, there is a cutscene of people being freed and after floor 200, there is cutscene of the people escaping the underworld back to the overworld and they had to rebuild Eleanouir.

The immortal cartographer who was once evil and usually was employed to keep you trapped forever in the underworld, allied with them and offered the keys to the underworld to be able to do floor 200+ so they could gather gold and rebuild the town. He did so by offering maps to Nadroji’s companions for this to happen.




The town of Eleanouir becomes peaceful and since everyone, including the people of Cureo were freed, they managed to ally again and everyone got along.

Nadroji’s companions accomplished their quest to achieve Nadroji’s dying wish to restore peace and they mastered the ability to become one with the elements for each class so they became immortal and forever teach people to protect the town as rogues, wizards or warriors.

Even if their bodies didn’t last, they still appeared as elemental ghosts or words being spoken to their minds and Nadroji could finally rest in peace. His legend lived on forever.

The cutscene for the ending has a new type of dungeon quest music which is celebration music for when villans are defeated.


The End and then credits come up afterwards with dungeon quest menu music:


The cutscenes will be offline mp4 videos with dialogue textbox underneath and little talking to less talking.

If shinybox wanted to, they could give the characters ability to talk but in my version, the only characters that talk is Nadroji and the Villans.

All these ideas came out on my top of my head yesterday and I was discussing this story with @cronos4321 .

This will make a great story of the origins of the rare legends of nadroji.

Defiant weapons including ragnarok is just nadrojis ultimate weapon and his last resort. He used mutiny as his main weapon as well as insolance and he wore nadroji robe, nadroji hat, nadroji ring and nadroji amulet.

Eternals and crystal legends aren’t cannon in this story as well as the developers weapons: steigers fortune, livids wicked wand, etc and the bosses with developers names or testers names like illouriouz or stieger isn’t cannon either. Basically it isn’t part of the story.

If this story succeeds, the game will feel more meaningful because we can play while understanding the story.

It gives it a bit of fun and it might attract more people to play as well as create big profit so they can fix bugs easier. I hope you agree @Refia and @SteigerBox .

I had to rewrite my story down on paper for a day and rewrite this again on the forums. Took me a while to think this stuff yesterday and I feel like how on earth did it just come in my head. I guess that’s the magic of being a creative thinker. Took me 3 days

I believe it will also keep many people more attached to the game especially newer players who love rpg. We always wanted story, now you get one and I hope it happens!

Also the story must be in higher quality graphics (HD) like the warrior icon on the app/playstore for Dungeon Quest when you first download the game. I am surprised shinybox haven’t changed old wizard, warrior and rogue icon with the new fan-fic cartoony icon which we very much love when 2.0 was released.

Edit: They released them at 2.1 patch so the icons are there now and never mind :slight_smile: .

Picture of Nadroji:

*** ( credits go to @cronos4321 ) :

You will never know what build he is using until he chooses to show you.


Sorry haven’t finished yet and posted by accident.

This is awesome story keep it up

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Wow 2-3 hours have passed after typing up this story. I didn’t even realise this.

I am very pleased with what I wrote :slight_smile:

The video player could be mp3 player showing the video offline even though it is recorded on youtube. It is downloaded mp3 version of youtube story of mine for the floor 1 cutscene as wel as ending cutscene and freeing the people when defeating each boss cutscene.

Oh wait the new wizard, rogue and warrior icons are officially used in game next patch. I am tired of the old wizard icon face as well as rogue and warrior. I hope this can work and do your very best to create story after 2.1 has been released or maybe consider it for 2.1 or after 2.1 . Even if the story doesn’t arrive in the patch, its still big hype for 2.1 for the new perks and new items as well as new icons and stuff like that.

Story mode ftw. Any other dq fan fics here?

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Oh my god ! You did quite a good work there ! More people should read it ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :grinning:.Also if you spell Nadroji backwards, it spells IJordan so you could also call Nadroji Jordan. If a story mode was to be put up for DQ, I’d have the end of the story at floor 1000 because that’s the peak of finding legends and it gives challenge (not too much of course as Arcanist makes it slightly easier). Yes I did take some ideas from Star wars and a game called Machine Knight.


I should probably improve this lol. Now that I think about it , it definitely can be improved and after looking at other games with their stories. I was by no means a good story writer for the suggestion lol but I have learnt a lot better on how I could improve it. I still find it interesting by some bits though.

Story isn’t half bad though and in impressed I came up with this stuff.

I mean I did make this ages ago.
I don’t have to though but I can now see the flaws in my idea which is good and how I can improve it. I was still impressed that I could even come up with a story though in the first place and excited when I wrote this.

Everything about DQ feels like there’s gotta be a story behind something like certain legends , how you got to the dungeons , elements, villans , what causes it all, etc.

You can leave anything to the imagination .

Also now that I’ve had a sneak peek on diablo storyline, well it gives some ideas. Although one issue is that maybe the story I suggested can be a bit outdated , although maybe the extra floors could be sequel .

Anyway I am excited for the future and potentially another DQ game.

Lmao why i only saw this now???

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finally a story in the game :smile:

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