[Dupe: Shrine] Dungeon generation bug (not game breaking)

not a big deal but I thought I might as well report it anyways

What’s the bug?

The HP/MP refill shrine and the defence shrine spawned on too of each other

Sorry I can’t confirm or deny whether this would have happened here though haven’t taken the hunter perk on this character yet taking all the farm ascensions instead since I’m taking it easy with this ones levelling unlike the wizard

For the shrine, it’s random i guess, sometime i got both shrine at same place, i mean I need to active it twice, and it have mixing colour on it until i active once, sometime 1 is near me while the second near healing pool thing.

ooOOoo really? The 2 main ones can spawn on each other? I wanna see how that looks at some point

U will see it LIke there only one, but then on the top (crystal colour) will have mixing colour.

Deleted all spam & offtopics for visibility.
Yes, it’s a known bug. It got lots better than in the testing patches.