Dust currency

Is there another way to farm dust for crafting…or is there a faster way to farm it…thanks in advance…

A way you could increase dust gains would be to save items with 4 sockets and craft inexpensive mythics with them other then that the only way to increase dust gains is to optimize your legend farming more :smile:


Thanks Mr. Griffin :smile:

Dust ftw yet again :slight_smile: :hand_splayed: :five: .


Glad to help out!!! :smile:

I find the best way to increase legends is to run with 2 imp pets on low floors so the set affix doesn’t matter if it doesn’t suit the build you run with. Then set your pick up of items in your options to legend+, that way the imps pick up everything else and pump out gold and legends. Red items every where. Of course maxing a near perfect farm build really helps as well.


It does help but I can find it a bit of a hassle since it takes time and I’m all about fast farming but then again, it’s still helpful . A farm build that uses imp for the core of the build is even better than switching up pets. Hello trickster , Terrashaper or such farm build.
I tried using them to get the most of floor 500 for crystal wise but it’s more suited for legend finding imo at those high floors. Still great.

eternal with obsi affix give 25dust

I’ve worked my way up to top 50 in Legends acquired by doing what Gromsch63 does. I typically operate at levels 131-161 with high pack size and 2 imps to get tons of Legends. Should work great for salvaging Legends to DUST!

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