Early game purchase choices

Hi all, just came across this game and am enjoying it alot. I realised that there are items that vendors sell at every floor (some are quite good). I spent $10 and got a shit load of gold. I’m guessing these items that the vendor sells will fall off at some point and gear that you get from actually playing the game will be better correct? (It be pretty shitty and p2w if you can straight up buy these items)

Are there any other in app purchases you would recommend at the start? Don’t mind chucking $20 into this game as I’m enjoying it alot.

Also I read topics about this game not bieng pay to win but the threads were years old. Is this still the case? Can you complete in PvP without spending too much? Is the food gear in this game all attainable by simply playing and grinding?


Nah, vendor items are usually pretty bad. They are only good in the sense you may get legends-eternals for dusting/converting them into crystals. I think slots, vanities and monster spawn boost are the best in app purchases.
Actually, I didn’t spent a single cent on this game and reached the top of arena. Though, it took some time to reach there.

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I got eternal fabled staff from a vendor :slight_smile:


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Character Slots, Permanent Map Reveal, and the extra storage space for loot and Myth Stones/Crystals. these are big helps if you want them. the Vanities are good if you like to change your Character appearance, and the 1 hour Boosts are good, but if you are on a Budget, you don’t really need the Boosts. you can get random Boosts for 5 minutes from completing the Pick Up Orbs Feat.
you could literally spend ZERO money on this game, and still have fun. you would have to focus on only 1 class (Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue). this goes for PVE and PVP.
the Vendor Items that you buy with Gold can be good, especially if you are looking for a certain item. there are some people who buy out the Vendor to hopefully get Legend or Eternal items as part of their farming. as it says in the Vendor Shop, there is a good chance for any Equipment Items bought to be higher Tier. like buying a Normal item, and you get a Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend, Crystal Legend, Eternal Legend, or Eternal Crystal Legend items. but these items cost gold versus getting them free from looting monsters.


Me too. I didn’t buy hirlings until a long time after I was into the game. Hirlings are worth it but yeah, I was able to have fun with 0 money also. For both PvE and PvP without a hirling. Even when the game was more punishing in farming such as before ascensions existed.