Easiest way to be strong in Dungeon Quest

This is not a hack or a cheat…
It is just a simple way to make you easily strong in this game…
Step 1: Before you enter the dungeon, select your difficulty into Mythic 3(trust me)
Step 2: Go to Codex(you can see it when you touch the shop or your characters image)
Step 3: Go to the “Dictionary Section”
Step 4: Check all of the words you can see (don’t leave a blank)
Step 5: After checking for a long time go to Hero section
Step 6: Balance you points to Strength and Intelligence especially if you are Wizard or Rouge
Step 7: Enjoy the game (in every map … “DONT LEAVE A SINGLE ENEMIES” )
so that’s it … it’s just a tactic … If you didn’t like it… It’s up to you… :grin::grin:

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Nice guide for getting easy Hero Points :slight_smile:

I would add just 1 thing:
Step 4.5: And read their descriptions.

Also, don’t neglect your crystals. Crystals are amazingly powerful, and I went through a decent chunk of my first playthrough without wanting to “waste” them on weaker gear. My advice: Use those suckers as often as they can help with an upgrade.