Editable eternal legend items are long overdue

I’m certainly not the first person to suggest this and I doubt I’ll be the last, but it makes little sense that eternal items are completely uneditable. Some things such as their level, quality and even sets make sense to be locked in place, but affixes have no reason not to be editable like any normal legend or crystal legend. Not only does it betray the idea of “completely customize your characters build” when the highest rarity in the game is a fixed object, but it soils the potentially hours or days of grinding and luck in order to get an item you might not even be able to do anything with because you can’t change it to your playstyle!

It’s a feature I think is long overdue and in any potential DQ2 or future updates is something I’m desperate to see.

They should be more editable, but not as normal items. I think orange affixes should be editable.

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If I remember correctly when the Devs asked us players for suggestions on improvements I suggested that. Maybe it won’t happen or maybe it will. Who knows.

I disagree with allowing full out editing. One of the reasons Eternals were introduced was to keep people from using the same affixes and same legends every single time. In some ways, they were meant to revive Legend items as something special because for awhile, it was better just to make new weapons from scratch and legend items only served a limited purpose. This is a very important and good purpose to serve.

That said, I agree with DuDono’s idea of allowing partial editing of eternal legends. I think orange and yellow affix stat rerolls are fine. Being able to remove socketed mythostones using Garnet (if I remember correctly) should also be fine. Anything else I think may shift the balance between crafting and collecting rare legends back too far to crafting, but admittedly, I’m not familiar with today’s meta, so maybe it is okay.

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Garnet is allowed I think.

So many players bombarded the Devs with ideas but in reality I think only a tiny few could be practical. Since then the private discussion thread has gone. Ah I remember suggesting eternal fabled pets (a pet that had sockets and you could add mythic words into) . No chance lol ! Anyways we shall just have to wait and see.


wait like 4 years? :thinking: