Edited: look at the main thread in red colour text. Free Build recipe [Rogue] Devine: God Warth @ Power Drive

MH: Bow (Vacuus scorpio)
M.Skill: Discordance
S.Affix: Momentum
C.Affix: +45% A.Speed.
L.Affix: +100%WD
E.Affix: +5000 WD
E.Affix: +10% B.chance
Primary: SwordThrow

OH: Vial/Boom (Any) will full costumed anyway.
M.Skill: Vanish.
S.Affix: Rage
C.Affix: +45% C.chance.
L.Affix: +15% M.Speed.
E.Affix: 10% B.Chance,
E.Affix: +50% B.Damage.
Special: Sneak.
Nature: Death

Leather: Any (Fully costumed)
Talent: Fletcher.
M.Skill: Exposed
S.Affix: Vamp.touch
C.Affix: +225% C.Damage.
L.Affix: +15% M.Speed.
E.Affix: +50% B.Damage
Element: Shock
Nature: Death

Cap: Crimson.
Talent: Relentless
S.Affix: Advanturer
C.Affix: +45% Dodge
L.Affix: Stun Immute
L.Affix: +15% M.Speed
L.Affix: 400% explode
E.Affix: +10% B.Chance
Element: Shock
Nature: Death

Ring: Any/Nadroji (for +2set)
Talent: Prospulsion.
C.Affix: 30% D.Strike.
L.Affix/M.Slot: +2 S.Affix.
E.Affix: +50% B.Damage
E.Affix: +5 GuidedShot
E.Affix: +5000HP
Element: Shock
Nature: Death

Necklace: Any/nadroji for +2set affix
Talent: Razored
S.Affix: Cosmic Power.
C.Affix: +3000 Mp Regen.
L.Affix/M.Slot: +2 S.Affix.
E.Affix: +5000Hp
E.Affix: +5 GuidedShot.
Element: Shock
Nature: Death

Okay, After u read all those thing. i will explain now how this build work.

First of all this build using DISCORDANCE mythic skill, this affix will swap your primary and special cost, cd, and damage too. also any source of damage coming from MH will increase by 25% damage output.
As we know SwordThrow Have 800% Mh damage while guidedshot have 100% Mh damage. after swapping. SwordThrow have 100% Mh damage while GuidedShot have 800% Mh damage. dont forget your discordance buff all source of damage from your MH by 25%. so here ur base damage of SwordThrow (100%×25%=25% [this make your base swordthrow is 125% damage]) and GuidedShot (800%×25%=200% [this make your GuidedShot do 1000% as it base)

This build Element is shock. this build not focus on many source of damage like what we usually see. this build 100% focus on Main Hand Weapon. So shock the most fit for this build since it not give DoT but Damage debuff 12.5% more damage, stackable up to 4 withis make +50% DAMAGE. also this build using exposed mythic affix that make pierced enemy receive more 50% DAMAGE.

Now i will tell u why i choose SwordThrow, SwordThrow not like toss. toss stopped on impact but if u have heroic in it, it give chance to pierce while SwordThrow ALWAY piercing n have chance to knocking enemy back. so basicly with 1st SwordThrow u already have more damage output. previously with discordance u have more 25% damage. it count from base attack. while when ur sword flying it carry 125% base damage. with exposed add 50% DAMAGE, it kind of weird if ur flying sword got buff while it fly. since it say DAMAGE. mean it on impact. with lead to 125%×50%=62.5% so ur sword do 187.5% damage on impact with enemy. but this not real damage i want to explain.

Here it is 4 shot of swordthrow for stack shock debuff +50% DAMAGE.
After 4 Shot of sword u will now unleash ur POWER DRIVE.

At first your arrow carry 1000% MH damage. on first impact idk how to count when exposed effect meet shock debuff, if it just add the debuff, mean it do 100% damage with lead to 2000% damage of guidedshot. or if it even counting 1 by 1 mean 1000%×50%=500% [1500% damage] 1500%×50%=750% [1800% DAMAGE on impact. this is first enemy hitted.]

Now see in your accessories. ×2 +5 guidedshot. add 20 in heroic. in total u have [30] GuidedShot. ignore damage buff, dont want calculate it, but look at the most interesting part. second line in guidedshot stat heroic. +2.5% damage per piercing per lvl, at lvl 30 u have +75% more damage on it. now count it back from 1000% damage from guidedshot. why 1000% back.? the +50% damage from exposed and shock debuff on monster not on arrow. arrow only carry discordance damage since it happen from beginning. yet it in crowd mean monster on second and third line also have those both debuff.

okay this will be counting when guidedshot/arrow pass first target. remember +75% damage per piercing.
1000%×75%=750% [1750% damage] that damage will hit second monster. but remember the debuff and exposed effect. if it just stacking mean add 100% damage. mean your 1750% damage will hit it with 3500% damage. or if it count 1 by 1 in final it hit 3935% Damage. u can start counting on third monster if u want lol. i want to stop the counting of piercing now.

Now just let say your damage is 4B and if u are lucky it do crit at max crit damage is 350% so basicly ur damage hit is 4×3.5=14B or 28B if it do deadly… Now u really need to be lucky. ive observe so many times rubik redrum bleed damage. damage per tick is more than the damage he deal in crit from toss. so i think if the deadly damage (28B) hit and cause bleed. the bleed damage is 28B per tick. with vampiric at rank 5, it increase 75% bleed damage, stack some more bleed damage with epic affix. like above it only add 100% bleed damage. in total it increase bleed damage by 175% mean 28×1.75=49 + 28(bleed base damage) =77B is bleed damage per tick. and dont forget bleed can cause crit and deadly too. so 77×3.5= 269.5B (Crit damage) and 269.5×2= 539B (deadly strike)

This is just some calculate. i miss some affix in it to count such as momentum advanturer and other thing too. so basicly with just some u can reach insane damage. how if it counting together. i mean all of it lol.

Thanks for reading this massive wall lol. and sorry for bad english. and please correct me if i count it wrong.

[color=#FF0000]EDIT: Remove B.chance on MH, B.Damage on OH, B.Damage on leather, Explosion from cap, Both +5Guidedshot on accessories. and replace all of it with element crit damage. as u know this is shock buff build and the theme of this build is multiplying MH damage. So here it should have 600% shock crit damage. THE FACT shock crit boost MH damage so now it by 600%
just take short calculate as example guidedshot as special it carry 1000% damage, now when enemy is stunned it boost damage by 600% withis lead to guidedshot do 7000% damage on impact…! and 7000% is normal damage so mean it can do crit and deadly too. basicly 7000%×4.5= 31500% damage if it do crit on stunned enemy. and do double crit damage 63000% on deadly strike.

To dev: Dont u think, u need test this? its legit build with some detail work based on GAME FACT. this obviously will show UNEXPECTED damage number since u probably never think of it yet, will this build get NERF then since it will obviously do UNEXPECTED damage with single arrow…? [/color]

[color=#008000]Edit 2: After getting more information from Wikia. and much more understanding after testing some affix to figure it out. now i fully understand and knowing that. i know the best way to maximize the base output.
okay first Diacordance description: it say swap the damage, CD and mp cost, also reduce 25% cd, mp cost and increase damage of all sort damage of MH by 25%. it mean the special still special with low base damage and low mp cost while primary still primary with high base damage, high Cd and high mp cost. (figure it out after test specialist [lagend affix]) look back at exposed, exposed need monster @ enemy in pierced condition to boost damage.withis make player need 2 time attack with guidedshot or with sword throw. but then when i carefully understand skilled mythic skill, i think it much better to go with. since it buff primary damage by 50%, and so nothing condition is needed on monster @ enemy. withis mean we can take full benefit of bow special multishot. multishot have the highest special base [1050% base damage] it mid range. but since we dont need piercing condition ability with skilled. it make multishot base is the most usefull to buff guidedshot.
some calculating
Discordance boost 25% more damage
Guidedshot (with multishot damage)
1050%×1.25= 1312.5% this is buff with discordance
Skilled mythic skill buff primary damage by 50%
1312.5%×1.5= 1968.75% this is now the base damage of guided shot.
remember bigh base with multiplying power give much more output. try count with high voltage 600% (increase damage stunned enemy by 600% at max)
1968.75%×7= 13781.25% this is damage to paralyzed / stunned monster @ enemy.
Those all calculation are base. withis can do crit and deadly.
13781.25%×4.5= 62015.625% this is full crit damage
62015.625×2= 124031.25% damage on deadly.
that deadly is the spike damage of guided shot on first target/impact. the damage can be multiplying more on second with guidedshot damage increased per pierced enemy.


wohoho amazing guide and explain, must try … :wink:

i’ve try this build recipe,
pros : really high crit damage …
cons : only single arow hitting with 1.8s cooldown bcause swapping skill from trowsword… but fun build just run run hit die :smiley:
sorry bad english

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[quote=“dhykha”]wohoho amazing guide and explain, must try … :wink:

i’ve try this build recipe,
pros : really high crit damage …
cons : only single arow hitting with 1.8s cooldown bcause swapping skill from trowsword… but fun build just run run hit die :smiley:
sorry bad english[/quote]
u already manage to fully build it.? impressive.

Anyway the con part is normal lol. its special skill anyway.

Yet primary (sword throw) still do good damage with identity and discordance damage buff beside it help pushing enemy backward.

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running style build with powerfull single arrow, ive try this but not fully i can reach max crit dmage around 80b++ on bleeding… but have prob with low mana, but nice recipe… :stuck_out_tongue:

why not use blood magic to make more powerfull dmg?

[quote=“LittleJovs”]running style build with powerfull single arrow, ive try this but not fully i can reach max crit dmage around 80b++… but have prob with low mana, but nice recipe… :stuck_out_tongue:

why not use blood magic to make more powerfull dmg?[/quote]
blood magic will cancel your discordance since they both are resources type affix. only 1 resources affix will effect n knowing that blood magic will over write it. and will just ruin this build theme

#Build Update, look at main/first thread in red text.

The maximum value of Dodge is 30% but not 45% for crystal affix.

oh thanks. probably i mislook at my original data base. since the first and second crystal affix are capped at 45% (i mean MH n OH crystal affix in thread above)

Thanks for your sharing of build, I’m a dedicated user of your builds. I will try this build if I have enough crystal. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You may want to consider MultiShot for 10.5x multiplier

ik. but multishot as primary does it count as piercing.? i notice it only do pushing back. so basicly without piercing effect the first hit of guidedshot will not trigger exposed effect.

i follow ur advices on using multishot. but only when i swap exposed with skilled. #read main thread text in green colour.

thread update, look at text green colour.

could u give a video to show ur bd?

i cant. my device is 4.1.2, cant use any screen recorder except if i root. but i just hate rooting. so no unless i got 4.4 something

Edit: as i am build it, and still making on completing it. the damage of guidedshot really good~

Is this build works on pvp ?

yep. very strong. insane damage. this build damage multiplying is very high in short time

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Sorry cronos … may i know what’s the different between this guide and the new guide(LOHKO) you posted…

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This build more to PvE tho. LOHKO more to PvP. Godwarth base is shock. u need hit enemy 4 time to get buff extra 50% damage and exposed mean to kill enemy by rapid attack. plus its normal for your enemy have stun immute withis can completely shut its element crit damage boost. while lohko is fire based. as we know dev just make new lagend affix that reduce DoT damage. but it NOT COMPLETELY shut it down. (that the reason i go with fire lol)
Godwarth hit and run/kiting build.
Lohko gamling build. 1 hit if it miss u dead. if it hit your enemy dead. this build depand on your luck. LOHKO= Lucky One hit K.O lol


Gratz … thanks for the explanation and thanks for the build … gonna try this :slight_smile: