Effective and Ignore Resists?

I “thought” that switching my ring from ignore resists to effective would be the best option, but it didn’t seem to make any difference, and I’ve encountered immune monsters that I can’t kill with my setup.

Do you need both ignore and effective? Is just ignore better overall than effective? Does ignore resists allow you to hit immune monsters?

well it depend relly but if you have some mythictone you can have it both :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to roll it but can’t seem to find it. Finally found a druidic wizard chest with it, and rerolled the stats around it to make it usable with ignore resists, and it DEFINITELY helps a lot more than effective. Still haven’t had a chance to test it on immune yet, however.

you well soon :slight_smile:

If it DOES work on immune monsters… I may not notice for a few hundred more floors. Things die so fast that I don’t always get to see what affixes are listed =P So… I can only assume it’s working to cut out immunities

just use ignore resist to save a 1slot and mythicstone :slight_smile:

IGNORE RESIST complety ignores enemies defense including immunities. As for me, adding Ignore Resist on top of Effective Ring is more much a good combo since it does add more effectivity on your attacks to monsters or you can do Effective Ring + Weaken. As what @Eater said, you can have it both. But, if you’re wise enough, Ignore Resist is sufficient enough for PVE. The rest is all up to you.

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Guys, can you check this thread? (starting from my first post, not the OP)

Maybe I’m stupid or I can’t explain myself, but I still don’t understand how Effective,weakness,resists work when calculating final damage to a monster :disappointed_relieved:

Effective “Mythic” Change the attack element to enemy’s weakness

Yeah, I finally did notice an immune monster get melted, so that’s awesome =)

I actually did end up replacing the effective ring finally. It was tough to get rid of since it had a crystal crit chance affix that was single handedly holding my crit chance at near cap, but I found a Stone of Nadroji, got an obsidian, lucked out and got even more crit chance (44.4%), so now I’m rocking that with +2 set numbers affix on it =) Now I just need to get the +2 set mythstone to put in my immolate amulet and pray for a usable crystal affix and I’ll be well on my way.

What set affixes should I be looking to roll on my gear? For damage, I already know what farming affixes I want, and actually have several pieces nearly ready to go, including a Crystaline =)

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