Effective mythic and Frostbiting

Is effective mythic usefull for wizard? I have 643% Frostbiting damage, but if I use effective I lose tons of damage. I mean if I do ice damage and the enemies weakness is fire, I am loosing damage. I have 300% ice damage on my gear. If it calculates it to fire damage I am loosing 300%+643% of damage, because it is no ice damage… So how is that usefull? I’m tested it dozens of times, but it seems absolute useless for me…

Fire damage % only applies on weap damage.
Wich is the same
To any elemental % damage affixes

your Elemental DMG isn’t affected by Effective Mythic. Effective doesn’t change your Element. it just causes any attack you do to be considered the Element your enemy is weak against, which gives you +25% DMG against all enemies. but because an enemies Natural Element Resist, Greatly Resist, or Immune comes into play, you might not do as much damage as you might think. you can use Weaken with Effective to help. but don’t use Ignore Resist, as Effective and Weaken don’t work with it.

Effective might be good for an Early or Mid Game Build, but there are better ways to do DMG with Late Game Builds.

read this to get a better understanding of Effective, Weaken, & Ignore Resist.

I am using 120% weaken. I do billions of dmg, but if I use effective I am doing 10-20% dmg, but why?

with what craft :smile:?

You probably don’t need effective with so much weaken maybe. ? Perhaps go for critical chance and damage ?

My dmg is nearly maximum. Chritical hit and dmg are full

What’s your deadly strike like ? Sacrife weaken a bit for deadly strike or speed or extra attack or multi attack. Think…
Test… and work out what works for you.

Max multi attack, max attack chance, 40% deadly, 30% crushing, 120% weaken, attack speed 45% plus discordance und brutal mythic.

do you use skullshield? or only blast?

Only twister.

@Necus, are you using Weaken & Effective together or separately?

when you read Mid’s Guide, 90% Weaken is better, especially if you can get a Crystal +90% Weaken. Effective is better than Ignore Resist in most cases, but seems to lose effectiveness when you have more than 90% Weaken if you are using Effective & Weaken on the same Build. Ignore Resist is last because it doesn’t give a DMG boost, but also, you don’t need to worry about doing less damage against an enemy who resists your Element or is Immune to your Element.

basically, which ever one you use tends to depend on what you can use in the Early, Mid, & Late Game.

I am only using weaken (90%+30%)

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then don’t use Effective. better off using a Glasscannon instead. after reading the Guide again, Effectives +25% DMG is calculated before the enemies Resistances are figured into the equation. so it is possible to end up doing less than, or a lot less than, +25% DMG depending on what Resistances a monster has.

so even using Effective with Weaken, Effective is a weak link in a Build. Effective would be good in an Early or Mid Game Build, but there are better ways to increase DMG when you get access to better Items, Crystals, and Mythics that don’t get wacked off at the knees by a monsters Elemental Resists.