Effective vs IgnoreResist

Which is which?
Which is better?
or do you need both affixes in your sets?
Does effective ring increases the chances for elemental critical?

Effective is better IMO. And no, both of them have nothing to do with elemental crit.

i notice that when both affixes are present. Effective doesnt apply with the mobs. Because it doesnt appear, i mean the word “effective”. Does it mean that ignore resist shouldnt be with effective?

Yup, that’s how things work.

This was my post at another thread similar to your question

Thanks. i just dont know why does the two cant be used at the same time.

I suggest you use ignore resist, its better to have hunter mythic in your ring. :slight_smile: and immune mobs are annoying to deal with .

thanks!!! i have a seperated hunter ring

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what about in pvp? which is better?

Both doesn’t work :smile:

Is this answer still relevant to the current patch? Hard to believe that Effective mythic gets ruined by enemy immunities…and that’s a feature not a bug?

It’s a feature :slight_smile:

Stupid question but while my crit numbers are flying around in pvp, i see “Effective” fly by too. Is that what this is refering to and what skill or affix does this come from?

Thanks in advance.

what about weaken i love that affixe