Electric DMG High Floor Build

I am an avid RPG fan and I love Lightning Magic. This is my problem with this game as, so far as I can tell, the only way to make it in floor 500+ Mythic 3 is by having either Poison (druidic + plagued) or to have Ice (Frozen). I desperately want to use a build that utilizes Lightning attacks and such. Is there a way?

yes but sadly lightning build is not share even fire

Actually you can reach floor 500 with shock build and do it fairly well. But as far as very high floor like 1000s , shock does seem less viable but there are good ones even if you don’t choose frozen or plagued.

Great example:

This build is a great old shock+bleed build and can still be great even today but of course being more up to date with sets. It made it quite far in terms of floors too.

But of course this shock+bleed can be done very well on other build types.

Another nice example:

Both are warriors but that’s because warriors tend to be great with bleed.

But any build could do nicely with shock+bleed. Combined with Effective Mythic and Weaken for high DMG.
Great with Vampiric Touch.

My Seasonal Maidens’ Build could be in Shock Mode with the insane MH% orb of over 4000% MH per 0.1 secs hits enemies and the high reactor DMG around 3000%MH. This mode I call it Destructive Fall Maiden’s Vengeance.

My Maiden build does use frozen but for shock mode, You can use Vampiric Touch and using razored talent . That high voltage , stack Debuff, Arcanist Debuff and if i use bleed will get really high Billions of DMG. But you may need to replace an affix to be able to have deadly strike or alternatively use 10+ razored 2. High bleed DMG and shock DMG in general. A lot of billion DMG by hit frequency alone and then some by bleed and reactor. A very high DMG build I recommend for shock (even though it’s initially ice). That Effective Mythic and Weaken extremely great too and if I have hirling for stack Debuff, even better!

@MaryVince , tested my Seasonal Maidens’ Build in shock build and it’s fantastic! So much DMG! at floor 1400s. No need for frozen sometimes lol! All I’d need is bleed to get even more DMG than I’d get through shock and explosive for even more DMG with shock . So much DMG with shock. Also there’s possibility for a huge buff to shock next patch as well so I have high hopes for shock builds out there!

Even this T-Shock is extremely amazing for shock build conquering floors. It can definitely get to high floor, especially when this build is more up to date with 2.5. My seasonal Maidens’ build can be discordance twister too but this one is also extremely amazing! A great shock build ever.

Also I have a build that uses both fire and shock. It uses the shock+bleed concept as well fast dot ticking from fire+immolate+Blistering bleed .

The build below is Aftermath build for that concept but any build can work with it tbh. Orb builds , twister builds, any build as long as you can stun for high voltage, fire attacks to bleed , stack Debuff and many more. Arcanist + ascendant can be an option too.

Pure Fire Build:

Mind you he used high hit frequency orb combined with immolate+bleed+cosmic orb+ Billions of DMG to do well against enemies at floor 1400s and WITHOUT Crushing Blow!

My Seasonal Maidens’ could definitely do well at that and it does so much more DMG than cronos Devilpillar could ever do as a wizard for pure fire mode but spam orbs definitely help. For my Build, the Fire mode is called Wildfire Summer Maiden and this just means replacing Frozen set with Inferno and Pathfinder with Vampiric Touch. Either Vampiric Touch pet or Inferno pet.

In the end, it’s about high hit frequency, high DMG, great use of shock DMG like stack Debuff+ High Voltage and bleed for high floor.

Crushing blow for high floors when you reach a point where ever your own DMG isn’t enough for super high floor (and for ease of killing).