Electrified build

Guys i want to try something new using electrified set… i need help for this… hope u respond in this thread… :smiley:

Rogue: elec + reflec… + talen counter + max skill stealth


Obviously it goes without saying that you Need shock for electrified to use that paralyse effect. Yea I agree with that combo there lol :slight_smile: . Could you be generous as to show us a video example if need be. I don’t mind if you don’t but it’s nice. That build looks quite promising there.

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40% paralyse of set electried (5%×8)
Video…i don’t know, ahihi


I like ur build… but im only on floor 400+ bcoz i stop playing for months… well, maybe it took so many time to farm that items tho…

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@4evertin how much DPS do u get with this build ? I guess around 100M-100B ?
And how did u get the Epiphany bonus (70%DMG if u have +70% atk speed)
I only see the crystal + 45% :open_mouth:

Pet + nature :blush:

I farm floor 600+

I find it very interesting, but can we play rogue?

I think reflect dmg is more suitable in rogue since counter give u chance to reflect atk when u dodge it. So other class will have hard time specially in higher floor cuz u need to be hit b4 reflect proc am i right? Its quite hard tanking mob dmg in dq even u do tank build

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Build pleas

Rogue reflect: i think…max reflect dmg and set electried. combo 40 STEALTH + 40 (or 30) talen counter
Momentum, adventure. * Arcanist + acsen…+…+…+…
Use MH boomerang: ranarok + full affix WD…100%wd, 50%wd(cryslai) 5k wd…becau…reflect…deal +% mh dmg…when truck

We need to study more about electrified as it is an easy way to play :sunglasses::sweat_smile::metal: