Electrocution Bonus - 40 Elemental Weaken equipped?

What exactly does this mean? I can’t seem to get the bonus to activate. What is "40 Elemental Weaken? My stats page shows my Elemental Weaken at 188.4%

Well you got lots of weaken so it would be strange if it didn’t activate.

Elemental Weaken is the weaken affix. Epic weaken and crystal weaken work the same and the mythstone too.

181% weaken is more than enough and for the Electrocution bonus to activate but if it didn’t, that sucks.

it should be on your gear… just use a obsidian crystal and find the :“weaken” it surely would work

dosnt work man i have the weaken crystal affix. and it dosnt glow

atleast you have 2 elemental critical in your items


Whait it works wirh ele crit bot not weaken?

base on my amulet., it works elemental crit., at first i thought it was weaken but not

Damn i hope it gets fixed to work with weaken… i have no slots for elecrit…

LOL, great discovery.


Yup! Lifesaver for the bug.

All this time it was the elem critical not the weaken affix. Lol