Electrocution Bonus - Need +40% Legend Elemental Crit., Not Weaken

Hello Everyone! I’m Ardavul,

It’s my first time posting here, I’m a returning player and had a haitus for around 5 years.

I’d like to ask about how to get Electrocution Bonus?

Even if I had 150+ Elemental Weaken

and synergize it to my Eternal Storm (Electrified) Pet and other Set Bonuses.

Any help is appreciated, Tnx!

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is at least 40% of your Weaken Epic or Crystal affixes? it could be that the Bonus doesn’t consider Myth Stone Weaken for activation. if that doesn’t work, you might want to put in a bug report for it.

what kind of build is this? Floor Climbing, Farming, PVP, or Ascending for Perks?

welcome back!

Yes it has at least 40% Weaken on Epic Eternal Affix on the amulet alone.

And I want to synergize it to Berserkers Bonus, Demonic Bonus and the Electrocution Bonus Sets.

And my Base Recipe would be either a momentum eternal horn or berserker eternal electric element.

Hopefully it’s gonna be a Critical Bleeding Speedster and using it for my climbing floors. Currently I’m at 1.4k floor and want to make it at least 3k.

I’m going to do a test and see if I have the same problem or not. I’ll try the testing with the Legend & Eternal version of the Revolta.

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first, I did some tests, and 40% or more of Elemental Weaken isn’t working. as I was getting ready to do a Bug Report, I took a look at other Posts on the subject. one of them mentioned using Elemental Critical instead, as the description on the Item and in the Dictionary were wrong. so I did a little more testing…

using Epic Elemental Critical will not activate the Electrocution Bonus.
Using Two Legend Elemental Critical Will Activate The Electrocution Bonus! you just need both of them together to be over +40%. if both are maxed, you will have +60% Elemental Critical. you can either find Items with Legend EC or use Ruby Crystal to place it on an Item. if it is usable in your Build, you could use an Eternal Item with one Legend Elemental Critical as long as it is +40% or higher.

and I remembered to test Legend & Eternal Revolta! :nerd_face:


Oh it’s an Elemental Critical instead of Elemental Weaken. I really appreciate your time doing some test. TYVM!

I did the tests for Weaken, and was getting ready to do a Bug Report, then I saw some Posts on the subject and decided to do some reading first, and found a Thread where it’s mentioned, and then did a quick test to verify, and viola! the correct information is now known! :lab_coat: :nerd_face: :test_tube:

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Welcome back. Interesting post :sunglasses:

if I ever want to Craft an OP Shock Build, I have to remember this Thread.

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maybe in a few years, the Dev’s will be rested up enough to take another crack at polishing the Codex a little more. :smiling_imp: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :scientist: :computer: