Electrocution set affix and stacks

I have a couple questions about electrocution set affix and electrocution stacks:

  1. Do you get 1 electrocution stack per hit or is less than 100% chance of applying?
  2. Are the stacks counted on the mob or on the character applying the stacks via damage? I’m asking because I would like to apply stacks with my hireling but would like to add the electrocution set affix on both my main and hireling.
  3. Do the stacks fall off after a certain time or do they last until the mob dies?
  4. Will any damage apply the electrocution stack or only certain types of damage?
  5. Will electrocution stacks apply from attacks that changed their element because of weaken?
  6. What exactly does the Electrocution bonus do? Also i hear that it is currently bugged?


  1. You need 4 hits to apply 4 shock stacks, for each enemy individually. 100% stack chance.
  2. I don’t know if the shock stacks count for both chars.
  3. They wear off after some seconds.
  4. Only shock damage.
  5. Weaken doesn’t change the element, Effective does only upon damage calculation. If you use Prismatic/Ascendent/Elements stacks will only be applied if the attack is a shock attack. Effective doesn’t matter.
  6. It should add +1 Shock Effect Max, but is bugged at moment and can currently not be activated. It will most likely be buffed in the future after being fixed as well.

Thanks midlumer. So 1% electrocution bonus works exactly the same as the legendary +1 shock effect max affix?

Also, I can apply the stacks with my hireling and my main will get the damage bonus with the electrocution set even if it doesn’t deal shock damage?