Elem crit question

How does elem crit work?
is it ok to have this affix in my item or do they stack??
-crit dmge
-crit chance
-elem crit chance
-elem crit damage
-elem % damage

sorry for a noob question

crit dmg - inc dmg of critical hits
crit - chance to hit crit atks.
elem crit - chance to do elem crit like freeze(froze enemy), blistering (burn enemy), toxic (spwn poison cloud), paralyzed (stun enemy).

elemcrit dmg - ice(frosbite)-inc dmg to freeze enemy, fire(inc dmg of blisterring dot), poison(toxic)-inc dmg of poison cloud, lightning(high voltage) - inc all dmg to paralyzed opponent.

crit chance - also inc% landing crits hits from elemcrits(elemcritdmg)
crit dmg also applies and affect elemcrit dmg if it crit.
crit dmg has default multiplier of 1.5x
ex. blisterring dot deals 1000 if it crits w/o any crit dmg = 1500 dmg dot
ex. critdmg 200%
blisterring dor 1000 crit = 3500 dmg dot
toxic also deals dot dmg on area

as for highvoltage/frostbite - its more of a dmg multiplier (inc ur dmg w/highvoltage/frostbite)

elem% dmg -inc ur ed dmg (works well if u got 5000ed affix)

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Thanks for the info, im still a little bit confuse but ill be on it, :smile:

I have it up To 107.8% yet every hit isnt criting…Why?

@Zombikiss 30-50%+ should be enough to proc elem crit upon hitting. what element are u using? maybe ur refering to elemcrit dmg ?(blight,frostbite,highvoltage,blisstering,celestial) cuz it would take so many affix to reach 107% elem crit on stat.

elemcrit are : toxic, paralyze, freeze, orbit, (forgot the fire name lol)

Nope I mean elemt crit see

@Zombikiss paralyzed works like stun. when u see starts spinning at the head of enemies that was already the elemcrit. also u only need atleast 30-50% its just a waste to achive that high (waste of slot affix)

Actualy not wasting that many a few elemental. A few +2 set a few electrify and two ather

@Zombikiss u can actually remove thos affixes(maintain enough elemcrit/dmg) and add more beneficial affixes to inc ur dmg.

I guess that only 60% elemcrit chance… And the rest you put in Elemcrit dmg and crit chance + Rage would make you huge.
Edit: Plus deadly strike + brutal = GG

im not sure if there is a limit for elem crit trigger. 100% orbit and orb skill will probably crash the system if no trigger limit.

how it works?

lets say your dmg per hit is 100k
crit chance: 50%
critdmg: 50%
elemcrit chance 50%
elemcrit dmg 100%
elem% dmg 100%

the elem%dmg is already calculated in the 100k

when you hit a target for 100k, it has 50% chance to crit. crit dmg will be 50% base +50%. so you get +100% crit dmg. your attack will now hit 200k, 50% of the time
attack 1: no crit = 100k dmg
attack 2: crit = 200k dmg
let’s say your element is lightning
then you have 50% chance of paralysis. it will stun monsters for 3s, epic monsters only get stunned for 0.01s i think.
the bonus dmg is written as high voltage for lightning element, it will boost the dmg by %.
attack 1: no crit, no elem crit = 100k dmg
attack 2: crit, no elem crit = 200k dmg
attack 3: no crit, elem crit = 200k dmg; target will be stunned for 3s
attack 4:crit, elem crit = 400k dmg; target 3s stun

from what i know all attacks on the target for the 3s paralysis will be boosted depending on your highvoltage %. but on epic monster, it doesnt work like that cuz the paralysis only lasted for 0.00001s and will only boost the dmg of the atk that trigger an elem crit.

I’m going to post my curent builds I’m runing in a new thread give me a bit then please coment on them. I’m off to go get the pictures for them

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