Element interaction, special type damage and damage amplification

I just want to know how elements interact with each other like if you an MH and OH with different elements; or if you have a shock MH and OH but you also have an Immolate epic affix…

Also, i read somewhere in the forum that weaken don’t amplify the damage of Crushing Blow, is there any other way to increase its damage beside Crushing Flame set… The same thing with Execute damage as well…

And lastly, where do you put Crushing Blow, Execute affix, and Damage to Elite affix in the Damage Equation

Crushing blow isn’t damage . It’s the % chance to take off 25% HP of the enemy and it doesn’t matter how much damage you deal as even at highest floor possible , you will still deal crazy crushing blow. Crushing blow gets less effective the higher rarity the enemies become but yes crushing flames does alleviate that since it increases the crushing blow ability to take HP away from enemies .

Crushing blow is almost like thorns except it works the opposite direction where each hit of your attack can reduce enemies HP no matter how protected they are and the HP they have.

As for execute DMG , Demonic and Electrocution as well as Relentless. Well the ones that rely on 25% Hp come last in damage multiplication to enemies but Relentless can work at any time so it comes first .it doesn’t matter what order it works though as long as you have a good build.

Ow…then how about the elements, sir? By the way…thanks a lot sir…


Elemental crit effect depends of which element enemy took an hit. You won’t trigger immolation with shock hits and won’t trigger paralyze with fire hits.
Although, yes, you can have both paralyze and immolation and an enemy may gets both paralyzed and immolated, but I can’t tell if it can take both effects at same time.